Holiday Gift Guide 2023 Part 2: What Do You get for the Audiophile Who Has Everything?

Holiday Gift Guide 2023 Part 2: What Do You get for the Audiophile Who Has Everything?

Is someone you love obsessed with headphones? Want to get them the perfect gift, but don’t know what they need? While the correct answer is probably “A HIFIMAN Susvara” not everyone has a $6000 budget for each person on their gift list (not to mention the $4199 you’ll need for a Burson Soloist Voyager amp to make those headphones really sing), so what are some things the average person can buy an audiophile that they’ll absolutely love?

Eartips and Adapters

Personally, I count both guitars and HiFi audio among my hobbies, so when the holidays come around, my wishlist can be a bit intimidating. I’d certainly be ecstatic to unwrap a Private Stock Paul Reed Smith Dragon or Meze Empyrean II on Christmas morning, but I’m always happy for the daily necessities like guitar picks, IEM eartips, patch cables, and adapters.

Audiophile Gift Guide 2023: Adapters

If you’ve ever been to an audio show, you'll see that many experienced attendees have something like a small tackle box filled with eartips and adapters sorted to find the perfect match for any headphone and any source. Help the audiophile in your life build the perfect collection with Bloom’s selection of adapters and eartips, from brands like Dekoni, SpinFit, ddHifi, and more.

Travel Cases

Whether you’re shopping for a dedicated audiophile or someone who just likes to bring a nice set of headphones with them when they travel, a dedicated case might be exactly what they need. Among your options, the iFi iTraveller or ddHiFi C80B are great for anyone who loves to be prepared for any situation with chargers, cables, a portable player, or maybe even a backup set of IEMs or earphones. The Dekoni Headphone Savior and ddHifi C2023 are more complete options that can handle larger headphones in addition to the various cables, and accessories.


Best For


ddHifi C100

Small Carrying Case

IEMs, Cables, and Adapters


ddHiFi C80B

Small Carrying Case

Ultra-Portable DACs, Adapters, and Accessories


iFi iTraveller

Carrying Case

IEMs, Larger Portable DACs, Adapters and Accessories


ddHifi C2023

Shoulder Bag (with detachable strap)

IEMs, Larger Portable DACs, Foldable Full-size Headphones


Dekoni Headphone Savior

Shoulder Bag (with detachable strap)

Full-sized Headphones, and Portable Devices


Headphone Stands

As a full-size/over-ear headphone enjoyer, I can tell you that I’m always looking for a place to put my headphones. Pictured, my desk on an average Tuesday:

Audiophile Gift Guide 2023: Steve's Desk

The bigger your collection is, the more likely you are to find yourself asking, “Where do I put all these headphones?” There are a number of solutions – my personal favorite is this "Omega" style stand – but from the industrial design of the AudioQuest Perch to hand-carved wooden stands, we have lots of options to help keep those headphones organized.

Burson Mothership

Do you know an audiophile with too many components stacked on their desk? Are YOU an audiophile with too many components stacked on your desk? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, the Burson Mothership might be exactly what you need. The larger version holds 4 components (5 if you use the bottom level) and provides cable management, making it capable of taming even the most complicated desktop setups.

Burson Mothership at CanJam Dallas 2023

Wireless Headphones

In part one of our guide, we recommended some affordable wireless headphones that would make a great gift for anyone. In this case, “anyone” includes audiophiles. Check out our recommendations over there, or some higher end options below to see if you can find one for the headphone connoisseur in your life.



The Bottom Line

Campfire Orbit

$249 (On Sale for $149)

In-ear TWS

Unique style and excellent sound. The perfect TWS for a nonconformist who prefers a more bespoke product experience.

Sennheiser Accentum


Over-ear Wireless

Excellent features, comfort, and value from one of the biggest brands in HiFi

Audeze Maxwell


Over-ear Wireless

Quite possibly the best gaming headphones in the world, and they’re great for music too.

Noble FoKus Prestige


In-ear TWS

Combines the ultimate in TWS sound with incredible craftsmanship and a one-of-a-kind design.

Focal Bathys


Over-ear Wireless

Focal’s famed build and design combined with some of the best sound ever in wireless headphones.

Endgame headphones

While it’s the thought that counts, there’s no gift quite like several thousand dollars worth of audio equipment.

If you’re looking for a mind blowing portable system, the combination of the Empire Ears Raven and Astell&Kern SP3000 is about as good as it gets. SP3000 is capable of delivering every detail and intricacy of the recording into your headphones, and Raven can finish the job of getting that immaculate, immersive sound to your ears.

Empire Ears Raven In the Holiday Gift Guide

For a desktop system, the Feliks Envy captures both looks and sound in an incredible fashion, and paired with the Audeze LCD-5, you’ll have performance to match. Envy delivers massive power in a way that feels smooth and effortless, while LCD-5 offers clarity and resolution that exceeds just about anything else on the market. Together they’re a match made in heaven.

The Bottom Line

Adapters, cases, eartips, and stands are simple gifts that can help bring a little bit of joy to your favorite audiophile. While most of us won’t be buying $10,000 worth of headphone gear for anyone this holiday season, that doesn’t mean we can’t get gifts that help them enjoy their favorite music.