Empire Ears Raven front closeup black faceplates
Empire Ears Raven black single earphone with attached cable from Bloom Audio gallery
Empire Ears Raven black with attached cable inserted in retail package insert
Empire Ears Raven black dramatic closeup highlighting reflective faceplates
Empire Ears Raven black with attached coiled cable on leather couch from Bloom Audio gallery
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Empire Ears Raven retail box 3 quarter
Empire Ears Raven 3-D render gold front over white background
Empire Ears Raven gold launch edition single earphone over black reflective background from ECT gallery
Empire Ears Raven gold launch edition dramatic with attached stock cable on retail box from ECT gallery
Empire Ears Raven gold launch edition single earphone with attached stock cable over Jack Daniels silver flask from ECT gallery
Empire Ears Raven explosion highlighting HRC and gold faceplate

Empire Ears Raven | Flagship 12 Driver Quadbrid Dual Conduction IEMs

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Empire Ears Raven black logo

Introducing Raven by Empire Ears: an Epitome of Meticulous Design, Unparalleled Engineering, and a Symphony of Sound

  • Launch Edition limited to 400 units
  • 12-driver Quadbrid: (x2) W9+ Dynamic, (x5) BA, (x4) EST, (x1) Bone Conduction
  • Launch Edition features Gold-plated Stainless Steel faceplates, Saffiano leather case, personalized thank-you card from Dean and Jack Vang
  • Specially designed Raven Challenge Coin included in 1st batch
  • Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Atlanta, GA USA, 9 hours of devoted, meticulous attention per pair! All units on hand are the final revision.

Empire Ears Raven gold launch edition dramatic with attached stock cable over retail box from ECT gallery

Bloom's Take

Empire Ears’ follow-up to the highly acclaimed Odin is finally here with Raven! With the project revealed to the world in December 2022 at the Portable Audio Festival in Tokyo, audiophiles began salivating with feverous anticipation.

Empire Ears Raven and Odin earphones on top of black speaker from Bloom Audio gallery

Raven is a Quadbrid IEM jam-packed with 12 drivers, and their customized, in-house developed drivers separate them from the herd with innovation and technical mastery. But Raven is MORE than just a technically advanced flagship IEM. Raven follows close to Odin’s footsteps, with a focus on improving resolution and imaging but moving towards a stronger balance between natural and technical. It takes advantage of the bone conduction driver to offer a hard-hitting bass with deep extension, but only when the song calls for it. Treble is vivid, fast, and expressive, extending its wings on extraordinary air that give a sense of spacious open skies. Midrange can make or break, but Raven delivers it naturally with a good body and weight, everything in its place.

So is Raven worth the hype?

Ummm. Unequivocally, YES.

Check out our full Raven Review here!

Also, please see Empire Ears' video regarding the importance of being cautious with the 2-pin cable removal. We have been assured that our final Limited Edition in stock units have passed rigorous Empire Ears Quality Controls for both polishing and cable removal standards.

Quadbrid Design

Empire prefers to develop and build many of their proprietary drivers rather than sourcing them from other manufacturers. This allows for groundbreaking innovation, and the Raven serves as a testament to their extraordinary engineering.

At the forefront of innovation is the W10 Bone Conductor. It delivers unparalleled imaging, intricate nuance retrieval, and rich timbre by transmitting sound through bone conduction resulting in an immersive sonic experience.

Dual W9+
The heart of Raven's seismic bass response is their custom designed 9mm W9+ subwoofers. These dedicated low-frequency drivers deliver thunderous power and unmatched control for a legendary bass experience.

Quintuplet Balanced Armature Drivers
Tasked with reproducing the critical mid-range frequencies are bespoke BA drivers, engineered in collaboration with industry leaders Knowles and Sonion. Their unique design and singular focus render a captivating and pure mid-range that brings music to life.

Quad Electrostatic Tweeters
Ensconced within Raven are Sonion electrostatic tweeters, each featuring an ultra-light moving membrane. These precision instruments offer an extraordinarily accurate transient response, allowing for unrivaled clarity, pristine separation, and breathtaking detail.

Empire Ears Raven explosion of internal drivers and shell components

The Eye of Odin

With a nod to the mythical EYE of ODIN and the iconic Empire wingspan, Raven’s industrial 316L stainless steel faceplates become a mesmerizing canvas, skillfully crafted through precision CNC technique. The meticulous process continues with hand-polishing and culminating in a lavish physical-vapor deposition coating.

In a limited run of just 400 units, the exclusive Launch Edition will showcase resplendent gold plating, while the standard edition boasts a sleek gloss black finish.

Empire Ears Raven 3-D render black and gold faceplates

Additional Features

Harmonic Resonance Core (HRC)
Polymer acoustic stage between shell and plate elevates vibration for unmatched acoustic reproduction.

R7 Cable
A collaboration with PWAudio, the OCC copper conductors deliver unparalleled purity of signal. It melds a 26 AWG core with a 25 AWG 2nd layer and boasts 4 core conductors integrated with 4 additional 2nd layer conductors.

synX Crossover
Dissimilar from the IEM herd, the synX crossover stands out with bespoke methodology and marries 4 distinct driver technologies ensuring max performance from all 12 drivers.

The engine was developed to ensure optimal timing, phasing, and control between the EST and bone conductor.

Anti-Resonance Control technology that targets specific internal components, aligning flawlessly with the HRC and eliminating unwanted vibrations and flex.

Dual Tri-port Exhausts
Air volume and vent design are crucial for proper tuning. By mastering the W10’s volume requirements, the Raven is able to harness its optimal output and capabilities.

Designed, Engineered and Handcrafted in the USA
A select group of Empire's artisans undertook the task of handcrafting the illustrious Raven at the state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Empire Ears Raven with attached coiled cable and plant from Bloom Audio gallery


  • Drivers
    • Dual W9+ Subwoofers
    • Five Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
    • Quad Electrostatic Tweeters
    • W10 Bone Conduction Ultra Driver
  • Proprietary Multi-point synX Crossover network
  • Dual Conduction Architecture (DCA)
  • Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control tech (EIVEC MKII)
  • Harmonic Resonance Core (HRC)
  • ARC: Resonance mitigation technology
  • Impedance: 2Ω @1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 100kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108.1dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
  • Cable: EE x PWaudio R7 OCC dual-gauge Cable X | 4.4mm Rhodium termination

In the Box

  • Raven earphones
  • 4.4mm EE x PWaudio R7 cable
  • Final Type-E eartips
  • Textured round case
  • Empire cleaning cloth and cleaning tool
  • User Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty and Serial Number card
  • Launch Edition: Includes Gold-plated faceplates, leather case, and personalized thank-you card from the Vang family

Empire Ears Raven black package and all accessories

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Amazing, I never thought music could sound, or even feel, this good. Added bonus, wife likes them so they easily tank her aggro.

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