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Feliks Audio Envy | Flagship Headphone Tube Amplifier

Sale price$7,995.00


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Experience Sublime Audio with the "Future Classic" Envy from Feliks Audio, the Last Class A Balanced Amp You'll Ever Need

  • Handcrafted in Poland with exclusive oiled wood finishes and solid metal chassis
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for maximum functionality including Balanced input / output XLR connections
  • Developed to drive the most demanding planar or dynamic headphones with up to 8W of power
  • 'Standard' and 'Performance' custom modifications available
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Premium Craftsmanship, Fierce Power

New in 2022, the Feliks Audio Envy is a single-ended class-A headphone amp with a transformer-coupled output, designed to handle planar magnetic or dynamic headphone with an impedance between 16 and 600Ω.

The Envy will drive even the most demanding of these headphones with up to 8 watts of power. Its heart-stopping design is offered with extensive customization options, and there are multiple inputs and outputs (including balanced XLR) for great flexibility. Headphone impedance selection is from 60 to 600Ω.


The Standard Edition includes:

  • Electro Harmonix Gold 300B power tubes
  • Premium copper signal wiring

The Performance Edition includes:

  • Full Music 300B power tubes
  • UPOCC (single crystal copper) signal wiring

Either edition is available in Walnut or Oak finishes.

Feliks Audio Envy Oak top front right 3 quarter closeup volume knob

Handcrafted in Poland

Feliks Audio is a boutique manufacturer of hand-crafted tube amplifiers with over 20 years of experience developing audio solutions. All products are in-house engineered, tuned, and assembled in Lubliniec, Poland.

The Envy was designed from scratch to be a flagship, destination tube amp, and Feliks has created a masterpiece. It is built on a solid metal chassis and finished with beautifully oiled solid wood.

Quality Components and Craftsmanship

The volume control uses an Alps Rk27 potentiometer, and (x2) two-stage preamplifier uses CV-181 tubes and Jantzen Superior Z-Cap coupling capacitors. Power tubes are the directly heated 300B tubes, and the output transformers are custom-made high-end audio units made by EDIS Ogonowski. The mains transformer is also an audio-grade unit by EDIS.

Biasing is fully automatic bias, and the electrical circuits are a zero-feedback design. The power tubes are heated with DC via a special circuit separate from the audio path. The power supply for anode voltages is based on MOSFET transistors and low-noise current sources.

The XLR balanced inputs use symmetrical high-end audio grade Lundahl transformers. Audio source selection is made using high-end relays, which are placed directly behind the input connectors, in order to limit interference and noise.

The amplifier is made using "point to point" technology. All wired connections are custom-made from single crystal copper (UPOCC) with a Teflon dielectric.


    • Power tubes: 300B
    • Driver tubes: PsVane CV-181 mk2 (6SN7)
    • Unbalanced RCA inputs: (x2) IN1, IN2
    • Balanced XLR input: (x1) IN3
    • Input sensitivity: 1V RMS
    • Input Impedance
      • For IN1, IN2 (RCA) 100kΩ
      • For IN3 (XLR) 10kΩ
    • Pre-Amp Outputs
      • (x1) pair of RCA
      • (x1) pair of XLR

    Maximum voltage on the above outputs is 5V (RMS) at output impedance of 600Ω and THD <0.5%

    • Impedance selector guidance
      • LO: up to 60Ω
      • MID: up to 300Ω
      • HI: up to 600Ω–mnh
    • Amplifier’s impedance
      • LO: 3.8Ω at 32Ω load
      • MID: 88Ω at 100Ω load
      • HI: 20Ω at 600Ω load

    Output powered measured at MID impedance setting at load of 16Ω is 5W with THD ⩽1% (maximum 8W at THD >5%)

    • Frequency response: 8Hz÷100kHz ±3dB | 18Hz÷40kHz ±1dB
    • Headphone outputs: 6.3mm and XLR
    • AC voltage 50/60Hz: 115V version (±5%)
    • Power consumption: 110VA
    • Weight: 34 lbs
    • Dimensions: 13.8" x 13" x 7.3" without tubes | 13.8" x 13" x 9.6" with tubes
    • Feliks Audio Extended 3 Year Warranty

    In the Box

    • Envy Amplifier
    • Matched pair of driver tubes CV-181 (6SN7)
    • Matched pair of power tubes 300B
    • AC cord
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Absolute Envy

    The Feliks Audio Envy is an amazing tube amplifier that is powerful enough for even the most demanding headphones, namely, Hifiman Susvara. The Envy provides endless power and effortlessly drives the Susvara to their fullest potential. Every headphone that I have tried whether planar magnetic or dynamic driven, sounds sublime on the Envy. The Envy brings out the fullest potential of any headphone and there is no reason to look any further. This amp is expensive but well worth the price of admission. The build quality is top notch and on par with amps costing way more. If you are on the fence, get the Feliks Audio Envy now, you won't be disappointed.

    In love

    An absolutely amazing amplifier for the susvara, 1266, zmf- pretty much everything I’ve thrown at it has sounded better than before. Definitely worth the cost.

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