About Us

Bloom Audio was created with one goal in mind: create the world's best personal audio store and stand by every purchase with unmatched service and support. Let us elaborate a bit and give it to you in some lovable bullet points:

  • We are an authorized dealer of every product we sell. Full warranty, "a-stock," direct from the manufacturer. Moreover, the brands that we represent are not just "letting" us resell their stuff, we're partners. We've spent time evaluating and demoing every one, firmly believing they deliver a phenomenal experience. We want to be the best place for our partners' products to be sold. And our store only offers products that we love.

  • With that in mind, we firmly believe there is tremendous value in every product in our store – from entry-level to endgame. We have spent time with, tested, and put our stamp of approval on every item. The reality is that high end audio can get nuts (and hey, if you wanna get nuts...get nuts), so we're pretty serious about eliminating the nonsense. You're never gonna find a $500 USB cable in our store. The high end products in our store are not expensive because they're adamantium-encrusted or because some celebrity uses them, they're that way because they represent the very finest engineering and sound quality in the world.

  • Our team comes from a fabled history of doing insanely great customer support and we carry that into Bloom. This could be the part where we throw down a bunch of superlatives about how intensely we'll bend over backwards, but like...just find out yourself. We're ridiculous.