Manufacturer Warranty Information

Bloom Audio offers complimentary Lifetime Support on any product purchased from our store, and a 30 day return policy for any product without a battery (14 days for products with a battery).

Thereafter, it would be required to work with the manufacturer directly to receive support for your product. Bloom does offer Clyde Extended Warranties for qualifying purchases, but typically they would not kick in until the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

For your convenience, we have compiled information along with website links to our brands' manufacturer U.S. warranty agreements.

Please note: Bloom Audio cannot be responsible for international warranty incidents, issues, or delays due to the varying governance of international affairs.

Brand Warranty Additional Information
64 Audio 1 year
ALO Audio 1 year
Astell & Kern 1 year

Accessories 90 days

To receive U.S. warranty, contact Invixion Inc.  Email:

Tel: (949) 336-4540

Audeze 1 year

3 years for headphone drivers, 1 year for all other parts

Mobius, Penrose, and Maxwell: 1 year

Accessories not covered

Audio-Technica 2 years
AudioQuest Limited Lifetime
Avantone 5 years
Beyerdynamic 2 years 3 months on cables

To receive U.S. warranty on any of their products go to their Authorized Service Provider
Burson Audio 2 years
Campfire Audio 2 years Accessories (EG. carry cases, eartips) NOT covered by warranty
CEntrance 1 year
Chord Electronics 1–5 years Accessories 30 days; 1 year for portable products; 3 years for Hugo, Qutest, and Table Top Range products; 5 years for desktop and full-size components
Dan Clark Audio 1–2 years
dCS Audio 3 years
Dekoni Audio 2 years
DITA Audio 1 years
EarMen 2 years

Must be registered within 30 days; 6 mo. on batteries

Effect Audio 1 year
Empire Ears 1 year
EverSolo 1 year
Final Audio 1–2 years General is 1 year; D8000 Pro is 2 years
Feliks Audio 3 years
Focal 2–5 years U.S. Only; 2 years for mobile headphones; 3 years for premium headphones; 5 years for Utopia headphones
Fostex 1 year 1 year warranty on all headphones.
HeadAmp 3 years
HEDD Audio 2 years 3 years with HEDD's extended warranty; accessories covered for 6 months
HiFiMAN 1–5 years see link for warranty per product
iBasso 1 year

excludes accessories

To receive U.S. warranty, contact UrbanHiFi Email:
Tel: 301-448-1534

IFi 1 year
Kinera Audio 1 year
Meze Audio 6 months–2 years, depending 6 months all accessories; 1-2 years for IEMs and headphones
Moondrop 3 months–1 years, depending 3 months on cables; 1 year for IEMs
Noble Audio 2 years
Pro-Ject 2 Years
Questyle 1 year To receive U.S. warranty, contact: Bluebird Music via their Contact Form
RAAL-requisite 5 years
RME 2 years
Rotel 1-5 Years 1 year on remotes, 2 years on CD Players, 5 years on all other products.
Sennheiser 2 years
SMSL 1 year
SPL Audio 2 years
Thieaudio 1 year
Topping 1 year on most items
Vision Ears 2 years Only applies to technical components; shells and accessories are NOT covered
Weiss 1 year
To receive U.S. warranty, contact: Bluebird Music via their Contact Form
xDuoo 1 year