Vision Ears VE10 3D render front and rear
Vision Ears VE10 front over dark leather background
Vision Ears VE10 front and top over dark leather background
Vision Ears VE10 rear highlighting bores over dark leather background
Vision Ears VE10 faceplate closeup on metal handrail with stock cable
Vision Ears VE10 earphones with attached stock cable protruding from leather case
Vision Ears VE10 with stock 4.4 cable and branded case
Vision Ears hanging VE10 closeup faceplates with attached stock cable

Vision Ears VE10 | 10-Driver Hybrid Universal IEMs

Sale price$3,030.00


Vision Ears VE10 logo black and gray

Technology, Precision and Art Converge with Vision Ears' Anniversary VE10 Hybrid Dynamic + Balanced Armature Universal IEM

  • 10 Driver Hybrid IEM with (x1) Dynamic Driver and (x9) BA Drivers
  • Premium package includes leather case, VE copper/silver cable w/ 4.4mm, leather clip, cleaning kit, and quality AZLA + SpinFit eartips
  • Recommendation for Musicians: mix - drums, bass, guitar
  • Wide and open stereo image, high resolution, powerful vivid sound image
  • Designed and built in Cologne, Germany

Vision Ears VE10 hero banner highlighting IEMs and logos

Bloom's Take

It seems as if Vision Ears has been dialing in a clear identity in their flagship IEM tuning. Elements of recent releases like the Aura, EXT and Phonix LE converge in the VE10 bringing you an IEM that blends accuracy, technical performance, and musicality for a pretty compelling listening experience.

Vision Ears consistently delivers with their IEM designs, and VE10 doesn’t disappoint with its anodized aluminum shell and futuristic aesthetic. It’s a 10-driver beast with a single Dynamic and 9 BAs, but it’s much more comfortable than VE’s other flagships like the EXT or Phonix. You also get a wonderful 4’ Silver / Copper custom Litz cable with the sort of quality expected at a multi-kilobuck price point.

VE10 is an excellent all-arounder and offers a balanced tuning that delivers textured, physical bass, rich midrange, and clear, naturally-extended treble. Combined with a three-dimensional soundstage and marvelous imaging, it’s tough to find anything to complain about. We pitted it against two of our current favorite similarly arranged IEM behemoths: FiR Audio’s Radon 6 and 64 Audio’s Volur. Check out our full review for the faceoff!

After VE’s’ recent run of excellent limited editions, VE10 brings the streak back to standard production with an impeccably balanced sound and staunch technical performance. Despite coming in $1200 less than the flagship Phonix, VE10 presents as an absolute TOTL IEM.

Introducing the Future of Audio Excellence

Vision Ears is celebrating a decade of sonic innovation, a monumental milestone in their journey of pushing the boundaries of auditory perfection. They are pleased to commemorate their 10th anniversary by unveiling their latest triumph, the much-anticipated VE-Line masterpiece: the VE10.

The VE10 is a true marvel of audio engineering that uniquely combines technology, precision and art. It combines the power of (x9) balanced-armature drivers with a single 8mm dynamic driver specifically designed for powerful, low bass. Added to this is a specially designed horn to extend the high frequency range and minimize THD. All sound tubes have a special geometric shape to minimize turbulence and reduce the distortion factor. This fusion results in a sound experience that not only invites you to listen, but also transports you into a world of pure sound ecstasy.

Vision Ears VE10 with attached stock cable and eartips with driver specifications

VE10 Universal Signature Design

The VE10 is initially available only in a Universal fit (custom fit is expected to be available in Q1 2024.) For the VE10 Signature Design, VE broke out of their comfort zone of using the standard acrylic shell for a completely new anodized aluminum shell. The result is a fresher, more modern, futuristic acoustic and visual masterpiece.

The design reflects VE's passion for products that look as good as they sound. With their unique fitting technology, you'll achieve the ultimate in sound experience without sacrifice in comfort or fit.

Vision Ears VE 10 single earphone with attached stock cable hanging from plant

VE10 Cable

The VE10 comes with a uniquely created balanced (4.4mm) upgrade cable, specifically matched to the sound design of the VE10: powerful, dynamic and detailed.

  • Silver-plated over 6NOCC Copper
  • Golden ratio geometry + custom litz structure
  • 21 AWG
  • Silver color
  • 4.4mm termination with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors
  • 4' length

Vision Ears VE 10 coiled closeup of stock cable with attached earphones


The VE10 embarked on a successful promotional tour through Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, London, California, Amsterdam and Sydney in 2023. It was titled "Best of Show" by many listeners and officially received same-titled award by the prestigious hifi reviewer Headfonia at Canjam in London. Check out Bloom Audio's full review for the details!


  • 5-way system with 10 drivers (Hybrid BA + DD)
  • (x1) 8mm Dynamic Driver with acoustic low pass
  • (x9) Balanced Armatures
    • (x4) mid/low
    • (x2) mid
    • (x2) mid/high
    • (x1) super tweeter
  • Impedance: 8.4Ω @1KHz
  • Sensitivity: 114.7dB @100mV @1KHz
  • 21 AWG 6NOCC Copper + Silver-plated cable, 2-pin to 4.4mm
  • Vision Ears 2 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • VE VE10 IEMs
  • Designer leather case with soft pouch
  • 4' VE Silver 2-pin to 4.4mm cable
  • VE leather cable clip
  • AZLA eartips + SpinFit CP145 eartips
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth, cleaning tool, and mesh replacement kit

Vision Ears VE10 what's in the box

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Ryan Bullar
Simply perfect

The best IEM’s in the world.

Truly beautiful.

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