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Vision Ears Phonix limited edition leather case and keychain

Vision Ears Phonix Limited Edition | Flagship Balanced Armature IEMs

Regular price$4,400.00

Vision Ears Phonix purple logo

Phönix rises again with a Limited Edition release from Vision Ears

  • Limited to 222 worldwide
  • Updated low-end balanced armature drivers for better bass extension and control
  • Each Phönix comes with a numbered engraving and a special limited edition gift

Bloom's Take

Vision Ears has certainly given audiophiles plenty to enjoy, from the bone rattling EXT to the highly resolving VE8, the German brand offers masterful creations. The new limited edition Phönix is no exception with a whopping 13 balanced armature drivers packed into its striking deep purple carbon fiber shells.

The Phönix LE presents some of the deepest low-end extension we’ve heard around here, its largest differentiator from the original Phönix. But that rumble doesn’t mess with the mids which arrive with full presence and weight along with crisp, natural highs that run free. The included accessories and packaging are identical to the original Phönix with the exception of the sleeve, 4.4mm terminated cable, and… a pen? A very premium-feeling, über pen that may only be wielded by those who are “worthy.”

Read our full review here.

Limited Edition

Listening to the PHöNIX is an unparalleled experience of stately power and elegant resolution. Tight and bottomless lows are giving a solid ground to gently natural mids, which are seamlessly transitioning to phenomenal rich highs. Only 222 precious units are available of this numbered Limited Edition!

The Design

VE's idea was to create an elegant design, combining materials never used before. Each individual shell& is meticulously machined from pristine mono blocks of carbon fibre. It was machined with aerospace-grade CNC machines, using aerospace-grade carbon fibre material. Every carbon block has an individual structure so that each shell is as unique as a fingerprint. The faceplate is a composition of three materials and layers. The redesigned carrier faceplate is anodized in titanium grey with stealth-like cutouts on the side. Under a beautiful domed sapphire glass you can see a dark purple chrome layer, prominently wearing the redesigned PHöNIX logo on a titanium grey layer.

Vision Ears Phonix Limited with attached cable hanging over retail box

The Case

An all-new Premium Line genuine leather case has been paired with the PHöNIX LE. The smart interior design makes it easy to store your premium IEMs while keeping them safe from scratches due to collision while in transport. The cable is neatly stored under an elegant strap. The leather case is a perfect gadget for your earphone with the aesthetics of an exclusive watch case.

Cling the leather case securely to your bag while on-the-go with the included separate genuine leather key strap.

Custom Made Cable

The PHöNIX Limited Edition comes with a premium four-wire 23 AWG silver-gold alloy and OCC copper-litz cable. It comes with a balanced 4.4mm connector as standard.

Vision Ears Phonix limited edition custom cable


The all new Super-Tweeter of the PHöNIX gives extra airiness to the sound, unveiling barely perceptible sound with ease and refining the highs with stunning openness.

The Sound

The PHöNIX has been developed so that you can experience music like never before. It is equipped with 13 Balanced Armature Drivers. This powerful engine is controlled by a passive 5-way crossover to produce an outstanding sound with staggering precision and clarity. We are very proud of our unique sound composition created with great attention to detail and fine-tuned to enable you to hear beyond the obvious. You will find pure excellence in this product right down to the smallest detail. The gem-like appearance complements the illustrious sound composition.

Vision Ears Phonix Limited on leather case from Bloom Audio gallery


  • 5-way crossover
  • 4 x BA drivers for bass
  • 4 x BA drivers for mids
  • 4 x BA drivers for highs
  • 1 x BA super tweeter
  • Impedance: 13Ω @ 1KHz
  • Sensitivity 1mW: 125 dB SPL @ 1KHz (100mV)
  • Vision Ears 2 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
jonathan spratt
Limited Edition

This is my first ultra high end IEM purchase - had the Sure KSE1200 for several years . With my new A&K SP3000 I had only been listening with my Meze Elite. I had not heard the standard Phonix and bought based on Steve's excellent review of his best of 2022 IEM (Phonix in the final 4). I totally agree with him in the extremely detailed layered midrange in a totally non-fatiguing way - vocals and strings are stunning with breath/palatal sounds, hammer on piano strings and finger plucks not just heard with revelatory detail but emotionally so, intimate, like a live performance and am hearing more details than the Elite. Bass drivers are new and go very deep, not sure as deep and visceral as the Elite at day 10 break-in but hearing more musicality and imaging and just groove in the bass - very articulate and musical in its own space to appreciate and not 'bleeding' into the lower midrange as publicised. Very high frequencies delicately sparkle and glow yet extremely detailed. Basically sound is very natural, relaxed yet very detailed and extremely coherent and musical throughout the frequencies. One problem is that I can no longer do a short listen sessions ! I like very much the full package of really high end matching cable. The packaging was superb as expected to find in a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Looking forward to Steve's review of this LE version soon which I am sure fixes all the weakness of the standard version and imparts new strengths in the LF. These were recommended on my request for a SOTA IEM for 1960s soul and early-mid 1970s classic rock and these IEMs truly reveal the true art of the analogue recording productions from that era preserved with recent super hi-end remastering/remixing. Revelatory, intimate and dare I say, good value.

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