Eletech Cassiel silver cable against rusty decor
Eletech Cassiel cable closeup Y-split with Pentaconn connector and VERSA logo
Eletech Cassiel cable with closeup of silver strands and y-split
Eletech Cassiel silver cable Pentaconn connector against rusty decor
Eletech Cassiel cable highlighting silver strands
Eletech Cassiel silver cable with closeup of y-split
Eletech Cassiel silver cable with closeup of engraved logo
Eletech Cassiel silver cable with closeup of Pentaconn termination

Eletech Cassiel | Silver-Plated Copper Upgrade Cable for IEMs

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Introducing Cassiel, Eletech's OCC Silver-Plated Copper Upgrade Cable from the Next Generation of 'Virtues' Series

  • Successor to the now discontinued Prudence series
  • Uses Ultra-high purity OCC Silver-Plated Copper, 7-core Litz
  • Features high dispersion geometry and Kevlar resilient core
  • Bespoke, customized Eletech connectors and y-split

Bloom's Take

Cassiel is an OCC silver-plated copper cable known for providing a balance of the warmth of copper and the higher degree of harmonic transfer from silver. Its older sibling 'Prudence' was a popular upgrade for those looking for a more extended and clear sound over the extra warmth of the pure copper choice.

If you're looking for extra warmth from a pure copper cable, check out Eletech's Azrael Copper cable from their new Virtues line.

Not sure what Eletech upgrade cable is the right fit for you? Check out our Eletech 2024 Cable Buying Guide which covers the differences in materials and performance across the full line.

Eletech Cassiel highlighting silver cable strands against rusty metal box

Virtues 2023 Series

Building upon its original and wildly popular Virtues portfolio, Eletech continues to showcase technological excellence and creativity flair with their bread & butter entry level yet high performing Virtues project. Discontinued crowd favorites Fortitude and Prudence were holding stars within the long-standing series and showcased the kind of quality that 'Virtues' strives to achieve.

This new generation of releases is no different. Consolidating experience from the team’s craft since 2019, Eletech redesigned the Copper and Silver-Plated Copper from the ground up with a new proven geometry design that’s been developed meticulously over the years and maximizes the purity of conductors through newer manufacturing processes.


Cassiel is designed with a completely fresh philosophy and introduces an energetic performance with excellent extensions at both ends with accuracy. Its unique geometry combined with a high purity conductor, enables Cassiel to manifest a well-layered staging presentation while enhancing detail retrieval. Augmented by a Kevlar core, Cassiel is resilient, ensuring the structural stability of extremely high strand counts.

Eletech artistic drawing highlighting Bespoke Designer Parts

Bespoke Elegance

Y-Split Housing
Eletech designed Y-Split and termination housings that feature ultra-precise cuts of Seven balanced triangle with extreme attention to detail. Triangles are the most structurally stable and strong geometry, representing strength and balance. Eletech's next generation Y-Split and termination housing design have imbued a patterned geometric triangle within.

Termination Housing
The parts are made of Aluminum Alloy which features seamless structural integrity and rejects magnetic EMF radiation. Both parts are weighted to calculate not only its tensile strength but the ergonomics and aesthetics as well. Eletech’s logo is engraved using high precision apparatus to achieve an extremely deluxe finish.

Connector Housing
Every Eletech cable with the configuration of 2Pin or MMCX is sported with a bespoke-designed Eletech shell housing that’s made of the same Aluminum Alloy used in the termination housing. It’s specific chromed texture and shaping has been refined multiple times to achieve perfect ergonomics, and Eletech’s logo is engraved in similar fashion as the termination housing.

Eletech Cassiel cable internal diagram with summarized specifications


  • 25.5 AWG, 4-wire
  • 1.25m length
  • Ultra-high purity OCC silver-plated copper
  • 7 core Litz, multi-sized stranding design
  • High dispersion geometry, Kevlar resilient core
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Eletech customized connectors and Y-split
  • Individually enameled strands
  • FlexiMax Insulation™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Collier
Eletech Cassiel cable review

This cable does improve the sound quality of my Shure SE846 IEMs. I like the connectors tight fit and short profile. The strain relief is also good. My only complaint would be that I would have liked to have a little stiffer hook for behind the ears.

It performs as expected

Surely better than the cable that came with the iem. An inexpensive proposition for a simple upgrade that works as expected.

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