Eletech Fortitude coiled with clip and VERSA badge
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs-Bloom Audio
Eletech Fortitude coiled with suede slipcover over white background

Eletech Fortitude | Copper Cable for Headphones and IEMs

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Experience Eletech's Original 'Virtues' Series OCC Copper Upgrade Cable

  • Uses flawless OCC Copper
  • Features hybrid type-4 Litz geometry and Kevlar resilient core
  • Bespoke, customized Eletech connectors and y-split
  • 4.1' cable, available in assorted headphone connection types and terminations
  • Available in VERSA (includes both 2-pin and MMCX interchangeable connectors) with 4.4 termination

Bloom's Take

Fortitude is an OCC copper cable known for its warm sound and ability to smooth out brightness. Fortitude is the most popular of the original 'Virtues' series given its ability to enhance and smoothen, and its look and feel brings an artisan flair to your audio gear.

As a value-add, we've had a brand new Fortitude cable returned to Eletech for a bespoke re-termination with the all new VERSA Adaptive Connectors along with 4.4mm balanced jack. This expands this beloved, discontinued cable's compatibility and flexibility to both 2-Pin and MMCX IEMs for use in your balanced system!

If you're looking for a more extended, clear sound vs. the extra warmth from pure copper, check out Eletech's Prudence Silver-plated Copper cable from their original Virtues line.

Not sure what Eletech upgrade cable is the right fit for you? Check out our Eletech 2024 Cable Buying Guide which covers the differences in materials and performance across the full line.

From Eletech

'Fortitude' is designed with a completely fresh philosophy and offers excellent ergonomics, a perfect tinge of warmth with undeniable vocals solvency. It's unique geometry combined with a Type 4-Litz set up enables the Copper to offer excellent staging precision unlike most coppers. Augmented by a Kevlar core, the "Fortitude" is resilient while ensuring the structural stability of extremely high strand counts.

Eletech Fortitude Cable

"Virtues" Series

Eletech showcases its technological excellence and creativity flair with the "Virtues" series - derived from the Cardinal Virtues (Raphael) found on the south wall of the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican.


  • 26 AWG
  • 4.1' Length
  • Flawless OCC Copper
  • Extreme high strand counts
  • Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry | Kevlar Resilient Core
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Eletech Customized connectors and Y-split
  • Individually Enameled strands
  • FlexiMax Insulation™ (patent pending)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tan Nguyen
Eletech Fortitude

Listening this cable with Oriolus Isabella and N8ii unbelievably sounds huge and separate just like you seat in a an orchestra performing…


This cable sounds good

Matt Hernandez

Great quality, great sound...just great period. Give them a try! Bloom Audio takes care of it’s customers!

Matt Y.
Superb Cable

I bought this with some trepidation to replace the stock cable on my Final Audio B1 IEMS. The stock cable was uncomfortable over my ears from day one, it always held the coiled shape that it got from being stored, which caused it to rub annoyingly against my face & eyeglasses. Worse, it was clear/bright silver & in less than one year, it was beginning to stain yellow in some areas, which I thought looked disgusting. The B1s sounded great, though & Final Audio gave considerable credit for that sound to their cable... so I was afraid to change it.

This Fortitude is the softest, most supple cable I've ever seen. It is incredibly comfortable & hangs completely loose. The casing is clear, but obviously the wire is copper, so staining should be less of a problem. I'm extremely happy, based on those merits alone.

What I was not expecting, however, is that all of the hype I've read about the way these cables improve sound turns out to be absolutely true. The B1 is my favorite IEM because of its bass. It produces such a laid-back, bassy sound, though, that I was a little afraid that if the reviews were not exaggerated, the B1s might actually become too dark with this Fortitude cable. No way, though -- the bass improved. It hits harder, the response is quicker & the soundstage is indeed slightly wider with more air up top, as well. It didn't darken anything. Horns & male vocals, in particular, are richer & more lifelike, now. The background is even blacker & honestly, the B1 has always had a SOMEWHAT blob-ish soundstage (it improves after break-in), where the sound can seem to be congregated in three general areas. This cable remedies that problem very noticeably, dispersing the soundstage elegantly in most recordings.

To my surprise & my delight, the B1's mids & highs were not affected at all to my ear, which is perfect, because they always sounded great.

Since I bought the B1s, I've sold every other IEM I've ever had. Unfortunately, that means I can only testify to the quality of this cable in one application. I know those IEMs very, very well, though, & they sound spectacular. This cable clearly improved them. That says a lot. I would recommend the Fortitude cable without reservation. In fact, I think it's a bargain.

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