Andromeda vs. Solaris: Which Campfire Audio Earphone is Best for Me?

Andromeda vs. Solaris: Which Campfire Audio Earphone is Best for Me?

This article is about the previous generation of Campfire Audio Solaris and Andromeda earphones.Check out our comparison of the complete 2020 lineup of Campfire Audio earphones including the 2020 versions of the Solaris and Andromeda.

Campfire Audio is a renowned name in high end audio, with a number of offerings that represent both an incredible listening experience and a beautiful aesthetic. They offer a line of products at various price points, each with unique characteristics. With an array of stellar models to choose from, you might be asking, “which one is best for me?”

IEMs are perhaps the most intensely personal piece of audio equipment. More than traditional over-ear headphones, the slightest difference in the physical shape or composition of the earphone can make or break your experience – and that’s before you even start talking about its acoustic profile.

To help you figure out which is the best one for you, let’s start with two of Campfire’s most popular models – and two of our top sellers – Andromeda and Solaris.

andromeda solaris side by side

The Sound

From a technical perspective, the key difference between the Andromeda and the Solaris is that the Andromeda features all balanced armature drivers, while the Solaris features balanced armature drivers for the highs and mids and has a single dynamic driver for the bass. This provides the Solaris with a more visceral low end. Both IEMs use similar high-end materials and proprietary Campfire technologies to deliver lifelike sound across the full audio spectrum.

In terms of the sound signature, the Solaris has a more balanced frequency response for a more natural or "reference" sound, while the Andromeda features a warmer U-shaped profile, with a very pleasing (and almost universally loved) tuning.

andromeda solaris comparison


The Design

Visually, both units are stunning in their own way. The Andromeda uses Campfire’s classic aluminum shell in its iconic green. The angular design and substantial feel of the Andromeda gives the impression that you’re plugging into the latest sci-fi tech to deliver music directly to your brain. The Solaris features a smooth, elegant design with a touch of opulence.


The Fit

The Andromeda is fairly lightweight and has a smaller profile, while the Solaris is a bit larger and heavier to accommodate the necessary internal acoustic chambering for its mix of balanced armature and dynamic drivers. The larger size of the Solaris can make it a harder fit for those with smaller ears. If you fall in that camp, or you've had trouble wearing larger IEMs comfortably in the past, the Andromeda is probably a safer bet.

The Result

From the moment that you take it out of the box, it’s clear that the Campfire Solaris is an absolutely premium product. Its rich bass, midrange clarity, and accurate imaging make you feel like you’re in the middle of a private concert. The Andromeda offers a similar high-end experience. And while it might fall a bit short of Solaris is its detail retrieval and bass impact, it's ear-candy-tuning is very fun with addicting mids and non-fatiguing highs.

The Bottom Line

Both are incredible earphones. If you want a luxurious feel and prominent bass with an overall more balanced profile, the Solaris has the advantage. On the other hand, if you prefer a warmer U-shaped tuning, or find smaller IEMs more comfortable, the Andromeda is your best bet.


  • Iconic holographic soundstage
  • Warm U-shaped tuning
  • Sleek profile with a more universally friendly fit


  • Visceral and tight bass from its hybrid driver design
  • Balanced, natural acoustic profile
  • Luxurious design and materials in a larger shell

andromeda and solaris spec comparison