Campfire Audio 2020 Buyer's Guide

Campfire Audio 2020 Buyer's Guide

Check out our updated Campfire Audio guide that covers the new 2021 release like the Satsuma, Honeydew, and Mammoth.

Campfire Audio has become one of the biggest names in audiophile earphones with a diverse lineup of products designed to provide options for all different types of music lovers. Campfire also has iconic designs realized using top quality materials across their full product lineup. Of course, when a brand has a lot of options, finding exactly what you’re looking for can be challenging – unless they name their products something like Basshead 9000 and Classical-Lover 1770. Since Campfire Audio didn’t go with that naming scheme, let’s look at their full line of earphones to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Campfire Audio Dorado and Vega

IO - $299

IO is your entry point into the Campfire Audio sound. It uses two balanced armature drivers to create a neutral to analytical sound signature. You get the same craftsmanship and design as higher end products like the Ara and Andromeda in a red finish.

Campfire Audio IO

Polaris II - $499

The Polaris II is a different take on a two driver design. Rather than the two balanced armature drivers of the IO, Polaris uses one dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver to create a bass monster that will haunt your dreams with its brain shaking rumble. Again, Polaris gives you Campfire Audio’s excellent craftsmanship, but this time in a blue finish. Polaris excels with hip-hop, EDM, pop, and more modern electronic music in general. Read the full review.

Campfire Audio Polaris II

Atlas - $899

The Atlas uses single 10mm dynamic driver to create another design with a powerful low end. Even though it only uses a single driver, Vega provides a more balanced response with a greater degree of detail than the Polaris, as well as a more natural timbre The Atlas is a bit smaller and lighter, and has it’s own design separate from the rest of the Campfire Audio lineup. In contrast to other Campfire Audio designs where the cable is intended to wrap around your ear, the Atlas’s cable hangs straight down from the earphone. Atlas excels at the same things as Polaris, but performs better for a wider variety of genres including rock, jazz, and funk.

Campfire Audio Atlas

Vega - $899

Vega uses the same single 10mm dynamic driver from the Atlas, but with a little more refinement in the tuning to create a more balanced sound with improved technical aspects. Vega also has a unique design that it shares with the Dorado, boasting a ceramic shell with a glossy white finish. While it features some improvements over the Atlas, Vega has a very similar sound profile and tuning. Read the full review.

Campfire Audio Vega

Dorado - $1099

Dorado takes Vega’s dynamic driver design and powerful low end, and adds a balanced armature driver for the treble range. The additional driver allows Dorado to deliver more detail and improves the soundstage and imaging over the Vega. In terms of genres, Dorado takes things even further, providing excellent response across any number of electronic genres, as well as rock, pop, and music driven by acoustic instruments as well. Read the full review.

Campfire Audio Dorado

Andromeda - $1099

Andromeda uses five balanced armature drivers to create a neutral, transparent sound with tight bass and excellent detail. It also provides a good sized soundstage and solid imaging. Andromeda is, again, great across all genres, but it sacrifices some low-end impact that listeners to pop, electronic, and hip-hop music might want while adding more detail which listeners to various forms of classical, progressive rock, and other more analytical genres will appreciate. It also has a legendary holographic soundstage. Read the full review.

Campfire Audio Andromeda

Ara - $1299

The Ara takes everything the Andromeda does, and turns it up a notch – except the bass, which it turns down a notch. With seven balanced armature drivers, the Ara provides a massive soundstage, lifelike imaging, and a detailed and analytical tuning. While Ara’s bass response makes it less ideal for pop and EDM, it’s incredible sense of space and detail make it excel in symphonic and classical music. Read the full review.

Campfire Audio Ara

Solaris - $1499

The Solaris is Campfire Audio’s flagship model. It uses one dynamic driver and four balanced armature drivers to create a balanced, neutral sound signature with warm, round bass, and natural, lifelike delivery. The Solaris is great across all genres and has a mix of strong detail and powerful low-end impact that makes it work with everything from classical, to rock, to jazz, to EDM. Read the full review.

Campfire Audio Solaris

Which Campfire Audio Earphone is right for me?

With so many factors it’s tough to say which earphone will be right for you. Under $500, IO and Polaris provide a strong contrast with IO having a brighter more neutral sound, while Polaris has its distinct bass boosted tuning. In the middle of the lineup at $899 is the Vega, which has some similar characteristics to Polaris, but provides better all around performance and a more natural timbre. 

Campfire Audio Andromeda, Ara, Solaris

Once you crack the $1000 mark, you have to ask yourself exactly what you’re looking for. Is it a somewhat bass boosted sound? Dorado. A neutral, but still “fun” sound with a good helping of detail too? Andromeda. A massive soundstage and an incredibly detailed analytical sound? Ara. A balance between the bass, fun, neutral tuning, and detail? Solaris.

Driver Setup





2 BA


Good value



1 BA, 1 Dynamic

Bass boosted

Brain-rattling bass



1 Dynamic


Great bass, ergonomic design may be preferable for some



1 Dynamic


Great bass with good fundamentals



1 BA, 1 Dynamic


Great bass with solid technical capabilities



5 BA


Excellent all around performance



7 BA


Incredible detail, soundstage and imaging



4 BA, 1 Dynamic

Neutral/ Balanced

Incredible full range response and strong technical capabilities


The Bottom Line

Campfire Audio provides a wide selection of earphones ranging from $299 to $1499 and somewhere in there is something for everyone. Whether you want brain-shaking bass, mind-blowing detail, or something in between there’s a Campfire Audio earphone that can give it to you.