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SpinFit W1 | Premium Silicone Eartips

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Boost your IEM experience with SpinFit's W1 Silicone Ear Tips

  • The first double-layered and W-shaped core design ear tip
  • Now available in individual sizes: SS, S, MS, M, and L (Bundled package of S, M, L discontinued)
  • Similar compatibility with CP145 ear tips

Bloom's Take

Getting the right seal is crucial to getting the best performance and maximum experience with your IEMs. The choice in your tips may seem extremely insignificant, but when your tips are poorly fit, the difference is massive. SpinFit's new W1 silicone tips improve both comfort and stability with their unique core design bumping the soundstage while lowering fatigue. We find them to be a great upgrade from the 145s. The W1 is one of our most popular eartips.

For more information on SpinFit sizing and fit, check out our SpinFit Eartips Guide

SpinFit W1 retail packages all sizes staggered with single loose unit

The Design

SpinFit brings the industry's first double-layer WAVE corrugated tube core technology with the W1. They combine two different hardness levels with their inner wave-shaped silicone core, yielding a more stable fit and tip application. The design also improves upon SpinFit's patented annular joint technology with boosted sound reflection and more comfortable fit.

SpinFit W1 SS retail box with insert and loose units attached to earphones

Double-layered Core

  • The outer portion of the core is softer silicone which lowers fatigue and increase comfort
  • The inner silicone is harder which provides more stability during installation


  • Reduces outside pressure
  • Improves noise isolation

Spinfit W1 Core Benefits

The inner diameter of the ear tip tube is 4.4mm, suitable for IEM bores with a diameter of 5-6mm. They are similar in compatibility to the CP145 tips, but they are slightly larger. SpinFt uses ISO10993 certified medical grade silicone which is zero allergy, high-hygiene, environmentally friendly, and solid elasticity for a clean, comfortable fit.

Spinfit W1 size chart

The W1 Performance

The W1s will provide good extension of extremely high and low frequencies, improved clarity, and rich sound level. You will hear the dynamic details from multiple instruments along with excellent spatial distancing. With a stable, snug fit, you will experience a soundstage not heard before, a deeper, more impressive sound, and you will appreciate your IEMs to their full potential.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Janval Macor
These are worth every penny!

I just got these in the mailbox today after having done about a one hour session on my drums using the stock ear tips on my Mackie MP 240 IEMs.
I have struggled with fit, seal and cancellation of certain frequencies due to my ear canals not accepting any if the Mackie tip offerings that came with the package. As soon as I put these on, it felt like I had my closed back earphones on again and when I added music and my kit to the mix I was blown away. No chocking of bass or cancelation of highs and not one during one hour of playing did I need to adjust my IEMs, not once sit I hear any outside noise. Our ears are all unique, but it’s good to know Bloom stocks a good deal of Spin Fits offerings, so get the most out of your universal IEM’s with tips that work for you. These are my new go to tips!

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