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SpinFit Eartips Guide

SpinFit eartips have been one of our favorites here since first trying out a pair that was bundled with the DUNU Luna. The main appeal is that they have the comfortability of silicone tips, but provide a better seal than the average silicone tip due to their namesake patented swivel technology. Basically, there is a joint near the top of the eartip (the part inserted into your ear) which enables it to bend and conform more completely to the shape of your inner ear.

SpinFit Patented Technology

SpinFit offers a large line of eartips with some subtle differences between each which can be a little confusing at times. To help you figure out which model will work for your, here’s a quick guide to help you figure out which SpinFit tips go best with your IEMs.

Fit Guide

The big difference in most of the models is the size of the bore for the IEM nozzle. Generally you want a tip that’s easy to get on, but not TOO easy to make sure that you have a tight secure fit. The more secure the fit, the better your isolation will be, but if you go with something that’s too snug you’ll risk damaging the eartips when you take them on or off.

Let’s look at the different SpinFit models, and compare how they fit on a selection of IEMs. Note that the sizing within each model (Small, Medium, Large) only affects the width of the flange and how that fits your ear, and does not affect the size of the bore or how well they will fit on different IEMs.


The CP100 has a 4mm opening and is the all-around, works with just about anything tip. It’s small enough to work with IEMs with smaller nozzles, like those on 64 Audio’s line of IEMs, but still big enough to stretch onto Noble or Empire Ears wider nozzles. The challenge is that with bigger models, you’ll generally want a little more room to work with, rather than having to fight to get the tips on and off, and potentially damage them. 

CP100+ offers the same fit and shape as CP100, but with higher grade silicone for improved isolation and increased durability.

Spinfit CP100 64 Audio Nio

The CP100 provides an easy fit on an IEM with smaller to medium sized nozzle like 64 Audio’s Universal fit offerings.


The CP145 is just a hair larger than the CP100 at 4.5mm, and is otherwise nearly identical. If you primarily use IEMs with larger eartips but want some flexibility to use them with smaller nozzles, the CP145 will still fit securely on most models while being more accommodating of the wider nozzled IEMs. While the CP100 fits on the Empire Ears line of IEMs, it generally is a little tough to get on, while the CP155 and CP500 don’t provide a snug fit. The CP145 came in just in between with a perfect fit.


The CP155 has a 5.5mm opening and is designed for IEMs with large nozzles. They’ll create an easy but snug fit on models from Noble, Campfire Audio, Vision Ears and other brands with larger nozzles. The CP155 features a bit of extra extension with a taper at the tip to help provide a good seal with wider nozzles even if you have smaller ear canals.

SpinFit CP155 Noble Sultan
The CP155 fits comfortably on the Noble Sultan and adds a bit of extra length at the top.
SpinFit CP500 Campfire Andromeda
The CP500’s internal ridge helps it lock perfectly onto Campfire’s IEMs.


The CP800 is designed specifically for very small nozzles. They’re a tight squeeze on brands like 64 Audio with nozzles on the small side of medium, and are primarily recommended for use on brands like Shure, Westone, or Etymotic that use very small nozzles.


The CP240 is a double flange eartip. Double flange eartips are useful for listeners who have larger ear canals and have a hard time getting a good seal. They can also provide improved isolation in general. On the CP240, the SpinFit pivot comes in between the first and second flange, to provide flexibility at the top for the second flange.

SpinFit CP240 Campfire Andromeda
The CP240 has a wide bore and fits comfortably on larger nozzles, but it also comes with a selection of adapters that allow it to fit snugly on smaller nozzles as well.


W1 is the latest advancement in eartip technology from SpinFit. The nozzle uses corrugated double layer WAVE technology to provide a greater level of stability in its connection with the IEMs, and the outer portion uses medical grade silicon with a shape that reduces pressure while increasing noise isolation. The nozzle size is 4.4mm, and fits a similar range of IEMs to CP145.

SpinFit W1

W1 offers a similar fit to CP145, but updated materials and design to generate less pressure inside the ear while delivering a secure fit and seal.

Omni and CP1025

Omni and CP1025 are designed for TWS earphones. Omni uses the same materials as the W1 and has a slightly deeper fit while CP1025 is more shallow. While both will fit on most TWS earphones, some charging cases may not be compatible with the Omni. CP1025 is also available with adapters for Apple AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. 

Bore Size

Brand Recommendations


CP100 / CP100+

Medium - 4mm

Good for virtually any IEM

Good universal fit


Medium - 4.5mm

Best for Empire Ears
Good for Noble, Campfire

Good fit for medium to large IEMs


Large - 5.5mm

Best for Noble
Good for Campfire, Meze, Audeze iSINE/LCD-i

Extension at the tip of the IEM provides better seal for some listeners


Medium - 4.4mm

Best for Empire Ears
Good for Noble, Campfire

Good fit for medium to large IEMs

Omni For TWS Fits many TWS including Sony, Sennheiser, and Beats Fits TWS that can accommodate deeper fit tips. 
CP1025 For TWS Fits Jabra 75t, Google Pixel, and more without adapters. Has special adapters for AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds. Fits TWS earphones with shallow depth.


Variable, Small to Large

Good for virtually any IEM

Double flange for large ear canals or extreme isolation


Small - 2mm

Good for brands like Shure and Etymotic with very narrow nozzles

Very small bore, good for tight fit with smaller nozzles

The Bottom Line

SpinFit provides an array of options to help you find the right shaped tip to provide both a good seal and a high level of comfort through extended listening. Along with that, you can find the right size and design to get them snug and secure on your favorite IEMs. Altogether, SpinFit tips provide a simple, inexpensive way to enhance your listening experience.