SpinFit CP240 | Premium Double Flange Eartips (1 Pair)

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The SpinFit CP240 is a premium silicone double flange eartip with a patented swivel technology design to provide incredible comfort and a consistent Seal. Double flange eartips help listeners with larger ear canals get a better seal. The CP240 includes adapters to accommodate a wide range of IEM nozzle sizes. For more information on SpinFit sizing and fit, check out our SpinFit Eartips Guide.

SpinFit Eartips are color-coded by size. The CP240 colors are:

  • Blue: Small
  • Red: Medium
  • Black: Large

From SpinFit

SpinFit has a unique ergonomic cushion design at the core of the ear tip, which allows the ear tip to:

  1. Bend & twist to the contour of a person’s ear canal. (Swivel Mechanism)
  2. Be inserted deeper into the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound field dispersion path.
  3. Provide supreme comfort & better audio experience (extends the lows and finer the highs).
Spinfit Cushion

Spinfit Ear Canal

Supreme Comfort

Premium soft silicone material along with the ergonomic cushion design provides outstanding and lasting comfort.

Optimal Seal

Consistent optimal seal even for headphones with an awkward insertion angle, allowing increased noise isolation.

Sound Quality

Enhancement on treble and bass ensures a superior listening experience to the foam and most stock ear tips.

Easy Installation

Simple installation makes SpinFit an easy and affordable upgrade for your earphone.