Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio
Noble FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones-Bloom Audio

Noble Audio FoKus Pro | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones

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**DISCONTINUED: Noble Audio's beloved FoKus Pro TWS is sold out and discontinued. Check out the FoKus Pro's successor TWS, the new and improved Noble Audio FoKus Mystique here!

And if you're looking for an artisan's cut of the Mystique, check out Noble's FoKus Prestige, a 2023 TWS In-Ear Product of the Year!

Get Audiophile sound quality in your TWS with Noble Audio's FoKus Pro

  • Hybrid triple driver setup for optimal sound quality
  • 7.5 hours of playback with 1.5 hours earbud charge time
  • Bluetooth 5.2 supporting SBC, AAC, aptX, and aptX adaptive codecs

True Audiophile TWS From Noble Audio

Introducing the FoKus Pro, an audiophile TWS with the Wizard’s touch. Coming on the heels of Noble’s highly acclaimed Falcon Pro, the Noble FoKus Pro once again raises the bar in terms of sound quality and design. It features a hybrid three driver configuration, with a custom made 8.2mm dynamic driver and 2 Knowles balanced armature drivers. The FoKus Pro utilizes the QualComm SoC QCC3040 chip and Bluetooth 5.2. It supports SBC, ACC, AptX and AptX adaptive codecs. The ergonomic shell is 3D printed with a semi-custom low profile shape, a designer faceplate and embedded touch sensor. Battery life is an expected 7.5 hours at 50% volume and the designer metal charging case has a 500mah battery.

The free “Noble FoKus” app can be found on Google Play and Apple’s App store, and features a 10 band equalizer with presets and the ability to create your own custom presets. The equalizer feature also includes a hearing test function that will personalize your EQ settings based on the results of the hearing test.

** Note: the Noble FoKus Pro is a premium headphone. It will handle the occasional sweaty workout, but it is not recommended that the FoKus Pro be submerged in water or worn in the shower or rain.



  • Chip: QCC3040
  • DriverL 1 DD and 2 BAs
  • Driver Details: 8.2mm DD designed for Noble and 2 Knowles BA drivers.
  • Sensor for operation on earbuds: Touch
  • cVc™ noise canceling technology: Supported


  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth Version 5.2
  • Bluetooth Profile: HFP.HSP.A2DP.AVRCP
  • Audio Codec: SBC/AAC/APTX/APTX adaptive
  • TrueWireless Mirroring: Supported
  • Multi Pairing: Supported
  • Operating Range: Up to 12m for android phone,18m for iPhone
  • Bluetooth Low Energy: Bluetooth Low Energy sensor hub - 6 mA super low power consumption


  • Playing time for music: 7.5 hours @ 50% volume
  • Charging time of earbuds: 1.5 hours
  • Charging time of case: 1.5 hours
  • Wireless charging for case: Not Available for Metal Charger Case
  • Quick charging: Not supported
  • Earbuds Standby time: 100 days
  • Charging case Standby time: 150 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rajit Dang
Beautiful sound - not so beautiful call quality

The FokusPros unearth a lot of the hidden dimensions in a song - I think they are the gold standard when it comes to music listening in the TWE category - but completely drop the ball with call quality - practically not usable in that regard. 8/10 - even though the call quality is not even usable

Wow! I love the sound!

I have tried countless TWSs. And they were uncomfortable, didn't work, or the sound was icky. Or, any combination of the three. With the Nobles, I felt like I was taking a risk given the connectivity complaints I have seen here and elsewhere. I am not sure whether Noble fixed the problem, or the problem was really a non-issue overall... or, I am just lucky. But I have had zero issues.

But more importantly... the sound quality is fantastic. Really great. I was about the say "for a TWS," but that isn't accurate. The sound quality is super for any IEMs at the

One of the best wireless IEMs

Upgraded from the Noble Falcon Pro which I thought was excellent, although even after a replacement I had iPhone a lot of connectivity issues. The FoKus seems to offer a more balanced frequency response, cleaner, but retains the bass and sub bass extension. Quite fun to listen, too. I don't know of a better unit on the market these days.

Tyler Haynes
Exceptional sound quality, exceptionally poor connectivity.

I was not expecting to hear what I heard when I connected these to my iPhone, popped them in my ears, opened Roon, and started to listen.

I honestly did not expect to hear what I heard. The sound quality of these is absolutely beyond my expectations for what could be achieved wirelessly. Nuances and complexities I have only heard using wired headphones were appreciated for the first time when I’ve in the past not noticed them using other mainstream wireless products. I was, and still am, floored by these in this regard. You have your standard fare… your Apples and your oranges. Good enough to get by on sorta buds. But these are exotic. Kiwi. No. Papaya. No, no… Yangmei, but for a midwesterner eating it the first time.

Now, the unfortunate thing is the very poor connectivity. I have found the connection to be somewhat unreliable with my phone. Not terrible when using it close by, but not what I consider to be acceptable. I don’t think I should experience drops every 5 minutes when I’m less than a foot away from my phone. It obviously becomes less reliable as you move further away. As another reviewer mentioned with their Astell&Kern, they have more issues than their phone. I have the same experience with my DAP (not A&k). HORRIBLE connection to my DAP that it is basically unusable.

No problems with reconnecting to my phone, charging, connections between the buds, etc. Just poor connection between source device and buds.

I have yet to use these for calls.

Jonathan Spurrier

I want to start off by saying that these earbuds or simply the best audio quality you’re fine on today’s current market. With that being said The microphone quality is straight garbage, and the connection between the two earbuds is awful. When listening to music sometimes it’s like snack cracklin pop go inside the earbuds and are having a party as far as the Bluetooth connectivity between each year bud. I think I have also had issues charging them once placing a case refusing to either take a charge or continuing to stay connected to whatever device they have been previously paired with. I contacted the company and they were very amazing in sending me a brand new case to try to resolve the issue, however the connectivity between the buds is unbearable and I’m currently seeking a fix with the company. They have told me that the microphone issue is just simply their build quality and a compromise for outstanding sound versus use as a true option for wireless calling. I understand there’s trade-offs but for true wireless headphones microphone quality should never be a trade-off as seen as how most of these are use for phone calls as well as listening to music. I would say if you want to deal with how the headaches or you get a good pair of these you can’t go wrong I previously owned the Gemini, Bowers and Wilkins, the P7 and Liberty 3 pros and the Klysch T2 TRUE ANC. These Headphones are head and shoulders of over the sound quality of all these other brands that I’ve owned however when it comes to all other functionality other than their amazing EQ they do not pass the test unfortunately. With this in mind I cannot honestly recommend them for the price tag however if Noble fixes the problems with these through either a recall or a firmware patch they would be a winner winner chicken dinner and the best you can buy on the market at this time.

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