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Noble Audio Stage 3 | Three-Driver Hybrid Dynamic + BA IEMs

Regular price$600.00

Noble's Purpose-built 3-Driver Hybrid Stage 3 Designed for the Musician

  • Hybrid 3-driver arrangement: (x2) Balanced Armatures by Knowles and Sonion, and a single custom dual-magnet Dynamic
  • Precision 3D-printed composite body with smaller profile to comfortably fit smaller to larger ears alike
  • New 8-core OCC modular cable with swappable terminations (includes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm tips)
  • Clear highs while maintaining a warm sound, perfect for stage vocals
  • Sensitive enough to use with smartphones and portable DAC / Amps

Noble Stage 3 banner with earphones over black background

Bloom's Take

Here at Bloom, we are typically a little skeptical when it comes to more reference-focused IEMs as most of the Bloom crew tends to find reference gear to be a little less "fun" and "musical." That said, we understand that in certain applications, there is a real need for musical accuracy in the sonic reproduction that supersedes any particular preference, or at least a proper, balanced synergy between the two.

Noble Stage 3 is a real head-turner if you want either a stage IEM that will help you really engage with the music (without going for a custom), or put a high value on accuracy and transparency in your listening. For us, the balance between detail and emotion, and between technical pro-audio performance and musicality is nearly perfect, making Stage 3 a top pick for IEMs under $1000. It gives ThieAudio's Oracle MKII a run-for-the-money if not slightly overtaking it for an all-around stage/studio sub-$1000 IEM, and that's saying something.

Read our full review here.

Made for the Stage

STAGE 3 is Noble Audio's latest IEM that has been tuned to accurately reproduce the presence of the stage and enable excellent detail expression. It has a low range that achieves intense impact and decay. The Mid-range focuses on vivid vocal expression without exaggeration. Combined with clear, extended, smooth treble, STAGE 3 delivers performance that satisfies a wide range of musicians and audiophiles alike.

Noble Stage 3 IEMs dramatic on wood desk

Hybrid 10mm DD + 2 BA Drivers

STAGE 3 features a 3-way, 3-driver configuration, with one driver for each high, medium, and low band. The low-frequency driver is equipped with a custom-made 10mm dynamic driver composed of a double magnet structure and a composite vibration plate yielding powerful low-frequency expression. In addition, a Sonion BA driver is installed in the midrange, and a Knowles BA driver is installed in the high range. By selecting the optimum driver for each band, Noble has achieved high resolution and separation in the same class. In addition, all parts are assembled and matched manually.

Noble Stage 3 internal components and driver explosion

New Modular Cable

The genuine Noble included cable uses an 8-core monocrystalline copper (OCC) cable with excellent transmission quality. Combining durability and sound quality at a high level, this cable fully expresses the IEM's capabilities. Additionally, this is Noble Audio's first design to allow for swappable terminations. Enjoy both single-ended and balanced connections out-of-the-box by simply changing the plug without removing the cable from the earphone body.

Noble Stage 3 IEMs with attached included cable on Eletech green accessory case


  • Drivers: 3
    • (x1) 10mm Dynamic driver (Lows)
    • (x1) Sonion BA driver (Mids)
    • (x1) Knowles BA driver (Highs)
  • 3-Way Crossover
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 27Ω
  • Sensitivity: 108dB spl/mw
  • IEM Connector: 2-pin / 0.78mm standard, embedded
  • Cable: 8-core monocrystalline copper (OCC) with modular termination system (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm)
  • Noble Audio 2 Year Warranty

Noble Audio Stage 3 frequency response chart

In the Box

  • Pelican case
  • Felt carrying pouch
  • Replaceable plug 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm
  • Double flange earpiece S/M/L
  • Foam earpiece S/M/L
  • Red axis silicon earpiece S/M/L
  • Blue axis Silicone earpiece S/M/L
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carabiner
  • (x2) Silicone bands
  • Sticker

Noble Stage 3 earphones and all included accessories

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