Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio

Thieaudio Oracle MKII | Tribrid Universal IEMs

Sale price$589.00


The Thieaudio Oracle MKII expands upon the original sound and vision of the original Oracle

  • Tribrid IEMs: (x1) dynamic, (x2) BA, and (x2) EST drivers
  • Harman-Neutral tuning with extended treble and bass
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Modular Cable System with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm connectors

Bloom's Take

The Thieaudio Oracle MKII takes the original Oracle's reference sound, extends the sub-bass and enhances the treble to create an incredibly well-balanced IEM with a tuning and performance that make it a huge bang for your buck and an excellent IEM option for professional studio monitoring.

Check out our full review here.

NEW Tribrid King 

The original THIEAUDIO Oracle was the Mecca for audiophiles and audio engineers requiring perfect tonal accuracy and precision. It was a benchmark in tuning when it came to mimicking the tonal balance of professional studio monitors. With its absolutely flat and neutral midrange, near perfect treble curvature that compensates for the acoustics of the human ear canal, and a dedicated sub-bass woofer, the Oracle stood as one of the few, if not only, in-ear monitors that could be described as truly a reference monitor.

The all-new Oracle MKII is the next evolutionary step in high-fidelity audio.

ThieAudio Oracle MKII Scenic

The Original Monitor Tuning, Remastered

The Oracle MKII features tribrid speaker technology, integrating an all new 10mm liquid crystal polymer (LCP) dynamic driver, two Knowles balanced armature drivers, and two Sonion electrostatic (EST) ultra-treble tweeters. These five drivers are integrated using a three-way crossover, in which the frequency range of each driver is divided according to their best specifications. The unique passive crossover solution minimizes the total harmonic distortion (THD), ensures the best performance from each driver type, and maximizes the clarity of every note across the whole frequency spectrum. Through improvements in the sub-bass woofer, the Oracle MKII benefits from 62.5% increase in the core sub-bass frequencies (measured at 60Hz) - all while having a neutral midrange in the 200Hz~1kHz band.

ThieAudio Oracle MKII Graph

Three driver types, Three-way Crossover

The soul of the Oracle is monitor-capability. The Oracle MKII stays faithful to this foundation by retaining its near ruler-flat midrange in the 200Hz~1kHz frequency region. Most in-ear monitors add color to the sound by failing to properly crossover the bass and mid-treble drivers, resulting in a bloated and muddy midrange.

This fault is corrected in the Oracle MKII by implementing a calculated crossover solution that precisely cuts off the dynamic driver as the BA driver starts. The mids are powered by the same dual Knowles BA drivers featured in the Monarch MKII. By delivering an uncolored and neutral midrange, your music will finally sound as the studio engineers intended, and for the studio engineers themselves, the Oracle MKII is among the very few IEMs that will tonally mimic your studio monitors.

Ultra-Treble, Unlocked

The benefit of the Sonion EST drivers is the enhanced ultra-treble frequency delivery. While many manufacturers fail to properly integrate the low sensitivity of EST drivers, Thieaudio has gotten this right, delivering actual treble extensions that can be experienced. The Oracle MKII is no exception featuring one of the best ultra-treble extensions in EST IEMs across the globe with enhancements in the 40kHz spectrum and audible improvements in detail, air, and speed. And the hallmark feature of the EST in the Oracle MKII is its unique timbre. Having been retuned, improvements in detail retrieval, shimmer, and air can be noticed when compared to the original Oracle.

Thieaudio Oracle MKII Bloom Audio

Better Ergonomics

Intended for long sessions on the stage and in the studio, the physical size of the Oracle MKII has been reduced for a more comfortable and secure fit inside the ears. Constructed from imported medical-grade UV resin, the Oracle MKII is durable, comfortable, and free of allergens or irritants.



  • New 10mm liquid crystal polymer (LCP) Dynamic driver
  • (x2) Knowles Balanced Armature drivers
  • (x2) Sonion Electrostatic (EST) ultra-treble tweeters

Cable Specifications
4' (1.2m) four strand 26AWG 5N OCC Silver Plated Litz cable

Cable Plug Type
Modular with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm connectors

Driver Impedance: 11 Ω
Driver Sensitivity: 100dB @1kHz

In the Box

  • Oracle MKII In-Ear Monitors
  • 26AWG 5N OCC Silver Plated Litz Cable With Modular System
  • 3 Pairs of Silicone Ear-tips
  • 3 Pairs of Foam Ear-tips
  • Carrying Case
  • Warranty Card (1 Year Manufacturer)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Benji fish
Too good to be true

I have tried every single pair of the current STAX Electrostatic Headphones. These IEM's are better then everything i tried. The fit is so perfect. The sound is pure bliss. I feel like i just went to heaven.

The End Game IEM

Once you start to add up all the facts, things like the build being something that can fit most ears vs the Monarch Mk2. The fact that the Oracle Mk2 lifts the veiled signature the Monarch mk2 has. Has the same perfect mids, the best treble extension of ESt driver implementation ever put in a IEM. The sub bass which is absolutely perfect, the tonality and timbre which is so real along with that amazing soundstage and imaging …and the cost is just under $600. I can’t see a need for anything more. It’s the first IEM that I have that blows my mind every moment of the day I spend with it and feels as great in my ears as it sounds. I’m seriously missing nothing for the first time in my audiophile life for IEM. There is no compromise or small thing I wish it did better. It’s as perfect as made made tech item can ever be.

Logan E.
A worthy upgrade to the MkI!

For me, the perfect upgrade. A bit more harumph in the low end, perfect mids, and some air up too. Much better fit for my grappling mangled ears.

Highly recommend!

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