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Noble Audio Ronin | 12 Driver BA and EST Flagship Tri-Hybrid IEMs

Regular price$3,900.00

Experience Vivid Highs and Lush Bass with Noble Audio's latest Flagship IEM Ronin

  • Hybrid 12 driver arrangement: (x4) Sonion EST, (x4) Knowles BA (mid/high), (x4) Sonion BA (sub/mid bass)
  • Fully CNC machined blue tinsel resin, hand-finished IEM
  • Collaboration with Eletech and includes 7 core shielded OCC copper / silver premium cable
  • Presents with a vivid, precise high frequency response and deep, lush bass response

Noble Audio Ronin logo blue

Bloom's Take

Rather than just trudging forward with the next new thing aimlessly, it seems that Noble Audio has been instead reflecting on previous IEMs for a path forward for a new flagship sound. Noble is consistent with this approach with their new flagship IEM Ronin which looks to be an heir to the famed Noble Katana.

Out of the box, it’s immediately apparent that any photos aren’t doing Ronin justice as this IEM is absolutely gorgeous in your hands with a stunning TOTL finish. It’s a bit large with a moderately deep insertion, so take note. It comes with a specially designed cable from Eletech with four cores, (x2) silver-plated and (x2) gold-plated copper.

Ronin is revealing with crazy detail and micro-dynamics, delivering vivid, musical realism that puts you in the room next to the instruments. The emphasis is clearly on delivering a bright, reference sound rather than analytical, and it delivers emotion through immersive imaging and instinctual highs. The bass is more accurate than rumbling, the mids are clean and transparent, and the treble provides a great sense of air and is delivered with speed and technical mastery.

Ronin is not for the faint of heart, and while it gives you speed, lifelike imaging and resolution, the sound signature is anything but typical.

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Ronin: Successor to the Legendary Katana

The Noble Ronin is a fully CNC machined, handcrafted resin matrix IEM. Noble's proprietary blue glitter resin matrix complements Eletech's custom-designed 7-wire shielded copper-silver matrix cable specifically designed for the Ronin.

Noble Audio Ronin on top of product package displaying cable

The Wizard-tuned Ronin has a vibrant and precise feel, inheriting a high frequency response from its predecessor, the Katana, and features deep, rich bass response.

According to The Wizard, "The concept is to compete against the Kublai Khan with different technologies. For example, the Khan has a dynamic driver for bass, the Ronin has balanced armatures for bass. The Khan uses a piezo for highs, and the Ronin has electrostatics."

Noble Audio Ronin hanging on Japanese plant


  • 5-Way Crossover Consisting of:
    • (x4) Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers (sub bass/mid bass)
    • (x4) Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (mid/high range)
    • (x4) Electrostatic Sonion drivers (high/super high range)
  • Sensitive enough for use with smartphones and portable DAC Amps and DAPs
  • Includes Eletech Custom 7-core cable
    • 2-pin connectors, 4.4mm Pentaconn termination
    • 26 AWG, 4 Wires
    • Gold Plated OCC + Copper & Silver Plated Copper
    • 7 Interior Core Litz
    • OFC Silver Plated Shielding
    • Eletech Custom Connectors and Y-Split
  • Noble Audio 2 Year Warranty

Noble Audio and Eletech official logos

Noble Audio Ronin with attached Eletech cable

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