HiFiMAN Svanar earphones front over white background
HiFiMAN Svanar earphones front and back over white background
HiFiMAN Svanar earphones front and back with attached cables over white background
HiFiMAN Svanar cable highlighting 3.5mm termination over white background
HiFiMAN Svanar with attached cable hanging from marble obelisk
HiFiMAN Svanar earphones with detached cable highlighting connectors
HiFiMAN Svanar earphones with cable highlighting Svanar logo
Person wearing HiFiMAN Svanar earphones highlighting fit

HiFiMAN Svanar | Flagship Dynamic IEM

Regular price$1,999.00

HiFiMAN brand logo

Introducing the Svanar, HiFiMAN's newest flagship level Single Dynamic Driver IEM

  • HiFiMAN topology dynamic driver in an IEM
  • Uses Brass shells for improved resonance and acoustics
  • Captures over-ear headphone detail and dynamics in an earphone form factor

Bloom's Take

HiFiMAN’s latest flagship single dynamic driver IEM goes against the somewhat negative trend of being inexpensive and/or a bass cannon. It expertly captures all that is lovable with dynamic driver IEMs and beyond with its natural timbre, solid impact and dynamics, cohesive sound, and 3-dimensional stereo imaging. Svanar is very comfortable with its ergonomic shape and lightweight shell, but bring your own ear tips. Outside of the box and case, the included accessories seem fairly understated next to the nicely designed brass and silver IEMs themselves, but the real money and magic is in the rich, full sound and over-ear, headphone-like sense of imaging it provides along with well-defined, treble enhancing vocals and instruments and balanced bass that’s not overly heavy.

Svanar is definitely a TOTL single DD IEM and a great fit with pop, rock, jazz, and funk fans, but is easily a "go-to" set no matter what musical mood you happen to be in.

Check out our full review here.

Note: We feel the stock HFM cable does not befit the premium quality Svanar brings to the table, nor is there a balanced connection included. We recommend Upgrading with the Eletech Cassiel Silver Upgrade Cable to bring out that sparkle we felt was a bit shy.

The Swan

Svanar is Swedish for “swan," a bird known for its elegance, beauty, and grace. The new Svanar IEM features brass in the front chamber and an aluminum alloy in the rear, placing the center of gravity at the pinna, or outer ear. By doing so, stability, fit, and comfort are maximized, even when enjoying extended listening sessions. HiFiMAN devoted countless hours into crafting the Svanar’s industrial design so that it is as comfortable as a custom-fit in-ear monitor.

HiFiMAN Svanar earphones closeup with attached cables

"Brass is an essential ingredient in the Svanar. It’s resonant performance and overall density reinforce sonics by way of synchronous vibration, adding up to a detailed, realistic soundstage typically associated with the finest studio headphones, but in an IEM that is light, durable, and consistently comfortable, hour after hour."

Dr. Fang Bian - President, and CEO, HIFIMAN Electronics

HiFiMAN’s patented Topology Diaphragm technology features a special Nano particle coating that is applied to the surface. The result is a natural and detailed sound. The Svanar features a powerful 9.2mm dynamic neodymium driver to enhance both the sonic output and overall durability through the years. Cables that are packaged with the Svanar are made from the finest silver-coated crystalline copper wire.


  • HiFiMAN Svanar User Manual
  • Topology Diaphragm: 9.2mm dynamic
  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 35kHz
  • Impedance: 60Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • Cable: Silver-coated crystalline copper, 2-pin connectors with 3.5mm termination
  • Weight: 13g (excluding cable)
  • HiFiMAN 1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
As HIFIMAN should be

Sound signature is classic hfm. Natural and wide soundstage, spacious and airy, buttery smooth treble, beautiful midrange and vocals, resolving (and fairly punchy) bass. Resembles what I hear with the Susvara. This 2000 iem is obviously and noticeable better than all my sub-1000 iems.

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