Headamp GS-X mini | Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Preamp-Bloom Audio
Headamp GS-X mini | Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Preamp-Bloom Audio
Headamp GS-X mini | Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Preamp-Bloom Audio

Headamp GS-X mini | Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Preamp

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Color & Volume Control

Experience big, clean power and true black background with the HeadAmp GS-X mini headphone amp

  • Available with standard ALPS RK27 or upgraded DACT CT-24 stepped volume controls
  • Pre-amp function with switch
  • Delivers balanced headphone drive from single-ended or balanced sources
  • True HeadAmp original with classy fit & finish
  • 3 year warranty on all parts and labor

Bloom's Take

With the level of power, performance, and overall quality in the GS-X mini, it's sufficient to say that what we heard was ANYTHING but “mini." With its incredibly low noise floor, pitch black background, and noteworthy range of useful power output, the GS-X mini dramatically enhances the emotional experience of your music. Designed to handle all of your conventional dynamic and planar headphones, the GS-X delivers top-tier, original quality with an incredibly big sound.

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The Craftsmanship

A desktop-friendly one-box configuration helps GS-X mini fit conveniently into your home or office. HeadAmp's fastidious dedication to quality, fit and finish make it a piece that retains its beauty throughout its long life of service. The characteristic colored front panels, well-known on our Blue Hawaii SE and GS-X mk2, are available on GS-X mini giving you customized options.

The Story

Built using a special variation on our well-reviewed class-A audio circuit from the GS-X mk2 based on the famous dual-differential design by Kevin Gilmore the new GS-X mini is the first HeadAmp product to deliver balanced headphone drive from all audio sources, single-ended, or balanced. This means no more compromising your headphone experience when using a single-ended source, your high-end headphones will always benefit from the speed and power of balanced drive when connected to the GS-X Mini.

Now paired with a custom discrete power supply based on the Golden Reference Low Voltage design the Mini can out put up to 6W making the GS-X mini a great pairing with most medium-to-low sensitivity headphones, and high impedance headphones, whose sound comes alive when given balanced drive and higher power. Models like the Sennheiser HD800S, HIFIMAN HE-1000SE, Audeze LCD-5 all benefit from the clean, steady power delivery just as well as with easier to drive headphones like the Dan Clark Audio Ether series, Audeze LCD-X, and HiFiMAN Ananda. With balanced drive from any source, even single-ended ones, there's no excuse not to give your high-end headphones the power they crave, by connecting them to the new GS-X Mini.

Please note: the photo of the Satin Black shows the polished finish, we will update this photo with the correct finish as soon as possible.


  • Balanced 4-pin XLR Output
  • SE 1/4" Phones Output
  • Low & High Gain options
  • 1 pair Single Ended RCA Input
  • 1 pair 3-pin XLR Input
  • 1x stereo pair RCA Outputs
  • 1x stereo pair XLR Outputs
  • Standalone Preamp Function
  • Pre-Amp Switch: Enables Pre Outs & mutes headphones
  • 3 Year Warranty on all Parts and Labor



  • 6W @25Ω / 4W @50Ω / 2W @100Ω Balanced Output
  • 1.5W @25Ω / 1W @50Ω / 500mW @100Ω Single-Ended Out


  • 100v, 110-120, or 220-240 Configurations Available


  • 25-30W


  • 10k Ω


  • Alps RK27 Potentiometer or 24-step DACT Attenuator


  • (H) 2" x (W) 11" x (L) 9"


  • 11 lbs

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