Eletech Euclid Y-split closeup with cubed stones
Eletech Euclid Y-split extreme closeup
Eletech Euclid extreme 2-pin connector closeup
Eletech Euclid extreme closeup silver strands
Eletech Euclid extreme closeup MMCX connector with 2-pin adapters
Eletech Euclid extreme closeup 4.4mm termination
Eletech Euclid Y-split super extreme closeup

Eletech Euclid | Silver IEM Upgrade Cable

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Introducing Euclid, the OCC Silver-Plated Copper Upgrade Cable from the Next Generation of Eletech's 'School of Athens' Series

  • Successor to the now discontinued Plato series
  • Uses Ultra-high purity OCC Silver-Plated Copper, 7-core Litz
  • Features high dispersion geometry and Kevlar resilient core
  • Bespoke, customized Eletech connectors and y-split

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Eletech Euclid y-split over stone image highlighting blue detail and silver strands

School Of Athens

The School of Athens series has always been Eletech's most valued series, where extremities of the material catalyst are being explored. Socrates & Plato, discontinued after a 5 year successful run, were crowd favorites and often the benchmark standards to which Eletech's new releases were held.

The new generation of School of Athens features Eletech's culmination of ideals and philosophies, redesigning a Copper & Silver offering with a wholly new triple coaxial and oil-soaked geometry that showcases Eletech's advancement in technology and skills from the past 5 years.

Masterful Blend of Gold & Silver

Euclid transcends previous School of Athens ideals, introducing a fresh perspective on the extremities of silver cables. It features Eletech's innovative triple coaxial, oil-soaked geometry, setting it apart from its predecessors. The cable combines OCC Silver with 1% Gold and Nano Gold outer coating, resulting in a luxurious presentation and an expansive, lush soundscape. Euclid effortlessly reveals micro details and offers a rich note weight, promising a truly majestic audio experience.

Eletech Euclid cross section of internal metal conductors with diagram and logo

Cable Material and Geometry

Triple Coaxial Pure Silver Litz + 1% Gold
Euclid features pure silver + 1% gold with nano gold coating, offering a majestic sound signature with smooth, transient response. The 1% gold infusion enriches the bass, while the cable's expansive soundstage and precise low ends ensure an immersive audio experience.

Oil-soaked Silver Core + 1% Gold
Eletech’s newly-developed oil-soaked core technology enhances cable conductivity and reduces the skin effect, increasing efficiency and reliability of audio signal transmissions.

24 AWG Active Shielding
Active shielding technology rejects electromagnetic interference (EMI), resulting in a dark background and clean sound. It effectively reduces interference, ensuring a high-quality audio experience with minimal disruption.

3 thumbnails highlighting Euclid y-split, 4.4mm termination housing and 2-pin/MMCX connector housing

Bespoke Designer Components

Y-Split Housing
Euclid introduces a groundbreaking advancement in IEM cable hardware design, revealing new manufacturing techniques refined via thorough R&D. The bespoke Y-split and termination housing feature meticulously crafted, precision-engineered layers. This innovative approach seamlessly weaves in nods to its iconic design identity, harmoniously merging the familiar with the avant-garde, boosting durability, and introducing a distinctive aesthetic allure.

Termination Housing
Euclid’s termination housing is constructed from Aluminum Alloy, known for its seamless structural integrity and ability to repel magnetic EMF radiation. Each part is meticulously weighted to ensure optimal tensile strength, ergonomic comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Eletech's logo is engraved using high-precision equipment to achieve an exceptionally luxurious finish.

Connector Housing
Each Eletech cable boasts a custom-designed shell housing made from Aluminum Alloy. The housing's unique chromed texture and shape have undergone multiple refinements to achieve optimal ergonomics. Eletech's logo is engraved using high-precision equipment for a deluxe finish.


  • 18 AWG, 2 wires
  • Triple coaxial pure Silver Litz + 1% Gold
  • Oil-soaked pure Silver + 1% Gold & Nano Gold coating
  • Multi-sized stranding design
  • 24AWG active shielding + Silver shielding net
  • Bespoke solder
  • Customized Y-split & connectors
  • Cryogenically treated
  • FlexiMax insulation

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