Eletech Aeneid cable with case and retail accessories highlighting VERSA connectors
Eletech Aeneid with 2.5mm termination with briefcase background
Eletech Aeneid closeup Y-split with briefcase highlighting combination lock
Eletech Aeneid with 2.5mm termination and branded display pillar over textured background
Eletech Aeneid extreme closeup Y-split
Eletech Aeneid coiled cable with 2.5mm termination and 2-pin connectors over black leather background
Eletech Aeneid retail package
Eletech Aeneid opened retail package with purple ribbon
Eletech Aeneid on stock zipper carry case
Eletech Aeneid with 4.4mm termination and stock zipper carry case

Eletech Aeneid | Gold/Silver IEM Cable

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Experience the Pinnacle of Audio from Eletech's Original 'Parnassus' Series with the Aeneid Gold-plated Silver IEM Upgrade Cable

  • Uses Flawless OCC Bespoke Gold-plated Silver
  • Features hybrid type-4 Litz geometry
  • Bespoke customized Eletech solder, connectors and y-split
  • 4.1' cable, VERSA (includes both 2-pin and MMCX interchangeable connectors) with 4.4 termination
  • Headphonia.com 2021 Best Accessory Award Winner

Eletech Aeneid with 2.5mm termination highlighting Y-split module over dark textured background

Bloom's Take

Simply exquisite. As with all of Eletech's cables, the Aeneid from Eletech represents the absolute pinnacle of cable geometry, bespoke artisanship, creativity, and package presentation achievable in an upgrade cable. It's just stunning to look at and has such a premium feel with its custom hardware and excellent workmanship. We find the Aeneid to improve the perception of an expanding soundstage and imaging, add a touch more punch in your bass, provide a blacker background, and reveal more micro-details in the mid frequencies.

As a value-add, we've taken the only remaining brand new Aeneid cables we have left and sent them to Eletech for a bespoke re-termination with the all new VERSA Adaptive Connectors along with 4.4mm balanced jack. This expands the award-winning Aeneid cable's compatibility to both 2-Pin and MMCX IEMs for use in your balanced rig! As far as we know, there are none others like this in the world!

For more information on Eletech Cables, check out our Eletech 2024 Cable Buying Guide which covers the differences in materials and performance across the full line.

The Golden Parnassus Crown Jewel

Eletech’s bold approach in both cable design as well as the components design has been very well received by the audiophile community and the “Aeneid” is no exception. Eletech has further improved on the various aspects of design and endeavors to create the ultimate musicality as well as personified the ‘Eletech Experience’ with the “Aeneid”.

Eletech Aeneid cable highlighting Y-split with gold display stand and Colosseum artwork

The “Aeneid” is a project to display an inherent high levels of musicality and technicalities whilst being a neutral all-pairing synergy. Stereo imaging and detailing are the foremost consideration within the technical mock up.

“Aeneid” represents the pinnacle of Eletech's R&D, crafted with the highly bespoke components and materials. Every piece of Aeneid take a painstaking great amount of effort and time. As such, only limited quantities can be produced in a year.


  • 24 AWG
  • Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry
  • Flawless OCC Bespoke GPS
  • Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Eletech Bespoke Solder
  • Eletech Customized Y-Split and Connectors
  • FlexiMax Insulation

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Customer Reviews

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Tyler Haynes
Needs to open up, then wow

At first, these were terribly bright. The brightest cable I have ever heard. I almost thought I was having a near death experience and was being called toward the Light, that’s how bright these were. But I was determined to see what these could uncover in my recordings so I just left them on my desk connected to a DAC for a day or two. They have warmed up and have earned their keep.

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