ddHiFi XLR44C highlighting 4.4mm tip over white background
ddHiFi XLR44C highlighting XLR tip over white background
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ddHiFi XLR44C adapter connected to mobile AMP

ddHiFi XLR44C Headphone Adapter | Balanced XLR 4pin F to 4.4mm M

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Connect Your 4-pin XLR Terminated Headphone to Your DAP or DAC/Amp's 4.4mm Port with ddHiFi's DJ44C Adapter

  • Newer 2023 Version
  • Allows you to safely adapt your 4-pin XLR terminated Balanced headphone cable to 4.4mm female ports on your DAP or DAC/AMP
  • Gold-plated conductors
  • For connecting your 4.4mm terminated headphones or IEMs to the female XLR ports on your DAC/AMP, use ddHiFi's XLR44B adapter here

ddHiFi XLR44C adapter plugged into DAC with headphones and XLR cable

A Bridge Between the Old and New

4.4mm Balanced connectors are more likely to be found on newer audio gear, while XLR terminated headphone cables are more common with high-end, more powerful headphones. With the XLR44C adapter, you can easily convert between the two seamlessly and without loss of quality.

High Quality Balanced Earphone Sockets

The XLR 4-pin connectors are made in Taiwan and use superior gold-plated conductors. The grounded shell and shrapnel are integrally formed to achieve a high-quality, balanced conversion.

ddHiFi XLR44C connected to AMP with Sennheiser headphone and cable


  • Model: XLR44C
  • Product Type: XLR 4-pin Female (Headphone) to 4.4mm Balanced Male (Device)
  • Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Connector Conductor: 24k gold-plated copper
  • Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 22g

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