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ddHiFi C90 black case closed over keyboard
ddHiFi C90 black case with black HS270 stand over white background

ddHiFi C90 Genuine Leather Storage Case | Travel Case for IEMs and Cables

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Protect Your IEMs and Cables On-the-Go with ddHiFi's C90 Leather Storage Case

  • Made with genuine, Nappa leather with lychee pattern
  • Easy to use, automatically closing magnet flaps
  • Slightly increased size over the previous C80 case

ddHiFi C90 case closeup with IEMs and cable inserted

Increased Inner Thickness

The inner storage thickness of the C90 is 25mm. But the upper and lower panels have built-in fiberglass reinforced elastic plastic sheets, so the maximum storage thickness can expand up to 27mm.

Soft Cowhide, Easy-to-Use

The C90 uses the same black Nappa leather with lychee pattern as the HS270 black limited edition headphone stand which is very smooth and delicate.

As with the previous C80 cases, the cover is designed with a left-right symmetrical
magnetism structure which automatically closes after releasing your fingers.

90 x 90

A 90mm square, the C90 is slightly larger than it's smaller sibling the C80 for which it's replacing.

ddHiFi C90 with C80 diagram comparing size


  • Material: Nappa leather
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 38mm
  • Storage Thickness: 25mm
  • Weight: 60g

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