ddHiFi HS270 brown over white background
ddHiFi HS270 brown with ruler displaying size
ddHiFi HS270 brown bottom quarter over white background
ddHiFi HS270 brown stand closeup over white background
ddHiFi HS270 brown leather head beam over black background
Focal headphones and attached cable on top of ddHiFi brown HS270
ddHiFi HS270 black top quarter over white background
ddHiFi HS270 black over white background
ddHiFi HS270 black bottom quarter over white background
ddHiFi HS270 black stand over white background
Meze headphones and attached cable on top of ddHiFi black HS270 stand

ddHiFi HS270 Leather Headphone Stand | Headphone Stand

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Protect and Showcase your Favorite Headphones with ddHiFi's HS270 Headphone Stand

  • Reliable, high-quality hardware and materials
  • Unique, detachable design with weighted base
  • Prevents headphone headband deformity with a stylish flair
  • Available in standard brown or black "Year of the Rabbit" leather

Focal headphones resting on ddHiFi HS270 stand with cable and desktop amp

High-quality Materials

Your headphones' headband can be easily deformed over time, especially if it has a soft wrapping. However, the HS270 headphone stand has a proper radian that can protect the headband significantly. The HS270 is a great addition to your headphones for both headphone posturing and stylish modeling for all to see.

In addition, the HS270 head beam is wrapped in genuine cowhide leather and filled with a spongy material for extra protection.

ddHiFi HS270 leather head beam sliced open with exposed sponge material

Smart, Detachable Design

Sporting a detachable design, the head beam, bracket, and base can be disassembled by hand, greatly reducing volume during transportation. Assembly is a breeze, using stainless steel hand-tightened camera screws that only require a few turns (*do not over-tighten.)

The HS270 is about an inch taller than conventional headphone stands to give more clearance for attached headphone cables and prevent stressing.

The base weighs a little over three quarters of a pound (360g), accounting for about 75% of the weight of the entire headphone stand making it difficult to tip over. Although the height is about 11”, if accidentally pushed or tilted, it will return to an upright position.

ddHiFi HS270 disassembled over black background


  • Model: HS270 Brown or 2023 "Year of the Rabbit" Black
  • Weight: 1.09 lbs (493g)


  • Head Beam Frame: Genuine leather and aluminum alloy
  • Support Rod: Aluminum alloy
  • Base Frame: Genuine leather and steel
  • Screws: Stainless steel


  • Height: 10.63” (270mm)
  • Base Frame: 4.02” diameter (102mm)
  • Head Beam Frame: 4.65” x 1.89” (118mm × 48mm)

ddHiFi HS270 package and accessories

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