Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio
Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp-Bloom Audio

Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer | Standalone Headphone Amp

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Our Take
With the Soloist 3X Grand Tourer, Burson succeeded in creating an all around improvement to the already excellent Soloist 3X Performance, with more features and options. If you need nearly speaker-level power for your headphones, with a transparent sound that balances a huge sense of space, powerful slam, and intimate delivery of detail, Burson brings it all together and delivers the total package with Soloist GT.

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An Epic Grand Tourer

The Soloist GT is an idealist. From its resonance-free enclosure to its tuned-up power supplies. From its symmetrical layout to its multi-layered circuitry board, We are over-engineering every element of this Grand Tourer to create an epic classic.

It fulfills the wishes of those who love the Soloist lineage and redefines the limits of performance.

Symmetrical through and through

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge circuitry by its layout. Symmetrical dual-mono is beautiful and achieves the highest possible audio performance.

Under the bonnet, the GT has two independently pod mono amps in mirrored symmetry. The resulting pitch-black soundstage and crisp details are breathtaking!

Powering the GT

The thumping heart of the Soloist GT is 5 sets of Burson Max Current Power Supplies. We are pushing these MCPS to the limits of their potential. So much so that they need active cooling.

The result is a pure Class-A, 10Wpc dream machine.

Burson Soloist GT Red Edition

Symmetrical Audio Paths

The V6 Vivid discrete opamps are wildly regarded as the best globally and used in countless recording studios.

The GT uses three V6 Vivid opamps per channel, achieving incredible transparency. However, it still plays to your preference by allowing opamps to change, enabling you to create your own listening experience.

The typical stereo volume control creates lots of cross channel interference. Industry aristocrats such as Pass Lab and AVM use the MUSES72320 volume control to reduce such distortion in their flagships preamps.

The Soloist GT goes further by using one MUSES72320 + V6 Vivid discrete buffer volume control per channel, eliminating any chances of cross channel interference.

Headphone Crossfeed

Live music and loudspeaker sound arrive at your head mixed. It gives you a sense of positioning. Most recording engineers also work under the assumption that their tracks will be playing through stereo speakers, not headphones.

Some headphone listeners use software to create that crossfeed, but such DSP often create other distortions.

The Soloist GT has three levels of hardware-based crossfeed emulation. So you can listen to your favorite track, exactly the way you like it!

GT Cool.

Our Burson Cool Case is already the most oversized heat sink on any headphone amp. Still, we adopted active cooling for the GT.

With every component operating in a predetermined temperature range, independent of the environment, active cooling gives us the freedom to push the GT to its performance limit.

To eliminate wind noise, we designed a new enclosure to enhance stiffness and reduce resonance. Combining this resonance-free enclosure with the quietest fan money can buy from Noctua in Austria, wind noise sits below 25dBA. In comparison, an empty recording studio has over 30dBA of ambient noise. So, the GT is quieter than the background ambience of your music.

Speaker Centering

Who can afford a fully symmetrical, sound-treated home auditorium? For everyone else, it is so typical to have a door or window near one speaker and a bookshelf near the other. These elements distort the sound stage.

With one MUSES+V6 Vivid volume controller per channel, you can adjust the volume of each stereo speaker separately. Bring you closer to that perfect sound stage previously reserved for the fortunate few!

Head+Sub Mode. Say what!?

We feel sound as much as we hear sound. Before the invention of headphones, music listening has always been a full-body experience. It’s not just what your ears can hear but all the energy that your body feels that move the soul.

Headphone listening goes to a new level with a carefully matched and placed subwoofer. The GT enables this experience with its Head+Sub mode.

Rev it up!

The Soloist 3X GT is a drive for perfection. Headphones may change, and digital formats come and go, but this analogue performer is timeless.

It let us hear and feel more. So fire up the GT, and ride down memory lane. Revisit moments when life changed tracks and the songs enriching the journey.


Measurement Package Content
Input impedance: 35 KOhms Soloist 3X GT Ref.
Model # R-120X
XLR to RCA adaptor
Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 – 48Khz Remote Control Power Cable
THD: <0.0015% 24V Power Unit
Output impedance (Headphone Amp): 0.5 Ohm
Output impedance (Pre Out ): 25 Ohm
Inputs: 2 x XLR
2 x RCA
1 x Mic Bypass
Weight: app. 5 kg
Outputs: 1 x XLR Preamp
1 x RCA Preamp
1 x RCA Subwoofer Output
1 x XLR Headphone Jack
1 X SE Headphone Jack
Dimensions: 255mm x 270mm x 70mm
Impedance (Headphone Jack) Power XLR / SE Signal to Noise Ratio Separation
16 Ohm 10 / 5W 112db 99%
32 Ohm 8 / 4W 110db 99%
100 Ohm 3.8 / 1.9W 111db 99%
300 Ohm 1.3W / 650mW 110db 99%
600 Ohm 640 / 320mW 109db 99.5%

In the Box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gregory Cipov
Rock-solid powerhouse of an amp

This amp produces effortless gobs of power dead silently. The GT is beautifully designed and has been a joy to listen with. I use probably the most difficult to drive headphones (HE6se) and my pot sits around 40 on high gain (quieter recordings can bring the pot into the 70s… but headroom remains). The volume knob is beautifully knurled and operates almost frictionlessly (albeit, it can be too sensitive and slight adjustments can initially be difficult). However, the use of the remote solves this issue entirely. The active cooling allows for all the components to operate at its optimal temp while keeping the form factor small. It is not audible when just placing headphones on your head without music playing. This amp allows my headphone setup to be completely balanced and dual mono from DAC (Pontus II) to headphones.

The subwoofer out is a fun feature. I have connected a sub to it and the additional thump takes the experience out of your head more and makes it a more full-bodied experience. I have enjoyed using the crossfeed in the low setting, especially in live recording where many instruments are often focused more on one channel.

In all, this is a perfect amp for my use. I cannot imagine needing an upgrade for a very long time. I have not rolled op amps and don’t envision myself going down that road fearing I will just be tinkering and not enjoy the difference as much as stock.

Michael Shaw
Very happy with the Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer

I bought the Burson Soloist 3X Grand Tourer after I added the Meze Elites to my headphone collection; my Lake People G109-P can’t accommodate their balanced XLR connector. It also couldn’t accommodate larger RCA interconnect inputs (such as AudioQuest Water). After reading all the headphone amp threads on Head-Fi.org and watching YT video reviews I had a great case of analysis paralysis but took a chance on ordering the 3X GT from Bloom Audio based on recommendations in the threads and help via email.
Andrew at Bloom Audio was very helpful in answering a few questions; I was surprised that the Burson packup still included the 24V 5A Super Charger and the Cool Stand at no extra charge.
Unboxing was a pleasure. The Burson Soloist 3X GT came securely packaged and it includes test op-amps and all sorts of other items to assist in set up and connecting the unit. It’s a compact, heavy-for-its-size unit and it feels and looks beautifully constructed. Connecting it in my system took about two minutes; it’s sitting on my desktop instead of in the rack next to my desk.
Although I have been burning it in for four days, I have been listening critically right from the start. First listen proved I was going to love the 3X GT; it’s revealing, smooth, and powerful. Thought I heard a bit of brightness right out of the box but that’s gone; replacing it is an airy, extended high end. Bass is very well-controlled, and this thing plays deep. Mids are not polite nor are they forward; they are just right where they should be. Vocals, solo instruments such as piano and guitar, and simple or complex music—it all sounds so very good! What really surprised me is the soundstage information; wide and deep but even revealing a bit of height information when present in the recording. Imaging is superb.
I have been using all sorts of headphones since the early days of the Koss Pro-4AA (and the Red Devil) but I have never heard anything this good before.
Last thoughts:
• Only once have I heard the fan, and that was when playing the MoFi vinyl of Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat”. The piano begins the song in the left channel only and at a very low volume…and that’s when I heard the fan. Not very loud, though, and since the sound is a lower frequency it doesn’t intrude.
• The volume control gives precise increments, and it feels very substantial.
• The top of the case never gets anywhere near uncomfortably warm. Not an issue.
Glad I bought it; it’s a keeper!

Robert Noblitt
Amazing performance

I bought the Burson Soloist GT as an upgrade from my Burson Soloist 3X Performance. The improvement in performance was obvious from the first time I used the GT, with improved transparency, detail and imaging, with any headphone I tried. This is by far the best headphone amp I have used, with plenty of power for any headphone. I tried a Hifiman Susvara with this amp and only needed medium gain. I have the GT placed at arm's length and never notice the sound of the fan when playing music. A rather unique feature of this amp is its support for use of a subwoofer. I have a subwoofer connected and this is a great feature, allowing one to feel the bass, as well as hear it through the ears. Other headphone amps I have used in the past include a Headamp GSX-mini, Singxer SA-1, and a Topping A90. None of these approach the performance of the Burson Soloist GT.

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