Eletech Sonnet of Adam closeup Y-split with logo over green and black leather
Eletech Sonnet of Adam closeup Pentaconn connector with Versa
Eletech Sonnet of Adam highlighting Y-split over retail box
Eletech Sonnet of Adam 2-pin connectors and ear hooks over retail box
Eletech Sonnet of Adam extreme closeup Y-split and gold detail
Eletech Sonnet of Adam highlighting Y-split over black and brown  leather
Eletech Sonnet of Adam closeup Pentaconn connector over black leather
Eletech Sonnet of Adam dramatic closeup 2-pin connectors and ear hooks over black and green leather
Eletech Sonnet of Adam highlighting Y-split and Pentaconn connector over included green leather zipper case
Eletech Sonnet of Adam closeup Y-split with bronze miniature helm and brown leather tassle

Eletech Sonnet of Adam | Gold Silver Copper Flagship IEM Cable

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New From Their 'Parnassus' Series, Eletech's Sonnet of Adam IEM Upgrade Cable Epitomizes Audio Opulence

  • Triple Bespoke premium Gold blend
  • Gold-plated Silver, Gold-plated Copper, and Gold/Silver alloy
  • Features 9 Core Litz with high dispersion geometry
  • Bespoke customized Eletech connectors and Y-split
  • 4.1' cable, available in 2-pin and MMCX connectors with 3.5 and 4.4 termination
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Eletech Sonnet of Adam hero banner

Parnassus Series

The prestigious Parnassus series is Eletech's flagship collection where innovation meets craftsmanship, a world of exotic materials are explored, and cutting-edge technology is employed. Each masterpiece within Parnassus delivers an unrivaled audio experience, pushing the boundaries of sound to unseen heights. Parnassus embodies the essence of audio luxury, where passion and perfection intertwine.

As the newest co-flagship of the series, Sonnet Of Adam epitomizes audio opulence. Meticulously crafted from a stellar mix of Gold-plated Silver, Gold-plated Copper, and Gold Silver Alloy, it delivers an unparalleled audio journey, where every note gleams with golden brilliance.

Eletech Sonnet of Adam cable highlighting Pentaconn connector over retail box

Sonnet Of Adam: A Golden Ode to Audio Perfection

Crafted with a masterful triple bespoke premium Gold blend, this cable unleashes a symphony of unparalleled sound, captivating harmony of precise resolution, organic tonality, and well-textured warmth. With Sonnet Of Adam, the audio journey takes on a whole new dimension, enveloped in brilliance and immersive depth.

Enhanced with a resilient Kevlar core, Sonnet Of Adam offers structural stability, ensuring impeccable performance even with extreme strand counts.

Eletech Sonnet of Adam 3-D render of internal wires

Harmonious Fusion: Eletech Bespoke Material Engineering

Gold-Silver Alloy
Gold-Silver Alloy (GSA) in the Sonnet Of Adam excels in clarity, transparency, and detail retrieval. It is engineered to present a heightened soundstage as well as exceptional technicalities.

Gold-plated Silver
The thinner strands of Gold-plated Silver (GPS) were developed to deliver more defined and expressive midrange extensions, enhancing delicate nuances and timbral intricacies.

Crafted to accentuate note weights in the mid frequencies, the thicker strands of GPS in the Sonnet of Adam deliver an unrivaled level of textural refinement.

Gold-plated Copper
Known for enhancing musicalities, Gold-plated Copper (GPC) is masterfully crafted into a triple blend in the Sonnet Of Adam, adding a tinge of warmth and bringing tonal qualities to a perfect balance.

Eletech Sonnet of Adam dramatic over dark leather bag highlighting Y-split and gold detail

Bespoke Components

Y-Split Housing
Following the engineering triumph of Ode To Laura, Eletech embraced a similar approach, infusing Sonnet Of Adam with a captivating structural design inspired by the architectural splendor of ancient Greece and Rome. This exquisite hardware marvel encapsulates the enduring strength and timeless elegance reminiscent of the architectural wonders of antiquity, elevating the essence of engineering excellence to unprecedented heights.

Termination Housing
The parts are made of Aluminum Alloy which feature a seamless structural integrity and reject magnetic EMF radiation. Parts are weighted to calculate not only for tensile strength but ergonomics and aesthetics as well. Eletech’s logo is engraved using high precision equipment to achieve an extremely deluxe finish. Imbued with meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, Eletech's bespoke Y-Split and Termination housing unveil a symphony of precision cuts and meticulously arranged elements.

Slider Unit
Eletech debuts its inaugural integrated slider, expertly crafted from a solid body of OFC material, imbued with exceptional anti-vibrational properties. The slider boasts a meticulously applied Anti-EMF coating, adeptly repelling electromagnetic interference and signal disruptions. The result is a seamless and pristine sound signature, accentuating coherency and delivering an unparalleled listening experience.

Connector Housing
Every Eletech cable with the configuration of 2Pin / MMCX is sported with a bespoke designed Eletech shell housing. Its specific chromed texture and shaping has been refined multiple times to achieve perfect ergonomics. Eletech’s logo is once again engraved for a premium finish.

Eletech Sonnet of Adam over retail box highlighting ear hooks and 2-pin connectors


  • 23 AWG, 4 wires
  • Triple Bespoke premium Gold blend
  • Gold-Silver Alloy | Gold-plated Silver | Gold-plated Copper
  • 9 Core Litz, Multi-sized stranding design
  • High dispersion geometry, Kevlar resilient core
  • Eletech Customized connectors and Y-split
  • Individually enameled strands
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • FlexiMax Insulation
  • Cable Length 4.9' (1.5m)

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