Eletech Cable Guide

Eletech has created a lineup of gorgeously crafted high end cables. Inspired by the works of Raphael, their product designs evoke Renaissance art depicting Classical and Ancient Greece. Eletch has three cable series, Virtues, School of Athens, and Parnassus, with prices ranging from $199 to $1799 – each series ramping up the quality, rarity, and purity of the conductors. All of Eletech’s cables use a kevlar core and Eletech’s proprietary solder formula to ensure optimal performance and sonic integrity through every contact and connection point in the cable.

The two key materials used in a cable's conductive wires are copper and silver. Copper is known for its warmth and full bodied character, but is slower overall as a conductor than silver. Silver tends to more fully communicate the mids and highs of the signal, providing added clarity and air, because of its faster harmonic transfer. Eletech provides a mix of pure copper and silver cables, as well as mixed conductors, and more exotic materials like palladium and gold in the flagship Iliad.


The Virtues series includes Fortitude and Prudence cables. Both cables have a type-4 litz geometry and use 26 AWG (American Wire Gauge) wire. They use OCC copper and silver plated copper for the conductors. The OCC (Ohio Continuous Cast) process eliminates any grain in the copper or silver making a smoother, more conductive wire than the standard OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) process used for many stock headphone cables.

Fortitude is a pure OCC copper cable. Copper is known for its warm sound, and can be the perfect cable material to smooth out brightness or sibilance.

Eletch Fortitude Cable


Prudence is made from OCC silver plated copper, which provides a balance of the warmth of copper and the higher degree of harmonic transfer from silver.

Eletech Fortitude


School of Athens

The School of Athens series features Socrates and Plato (we’re still waiting on Aristotle). Both cables use Eletech’s “Maximus Efficiency Strand geometry” and 24 AWG wire. They use monocrystal silver and copper which goes a step beyond OCC such that each wire has a single continuous crystalline structure with no impurities or interruptions in the conductivity.

Socrates uses 7N purity bespoke monocrystal copper to create the highest possible quality and purity copper cable possible. This keeps the warmth of a copper cable while having the same level of harmonic transfer as some silver cables.

Eletech Socrates


Plato uses bespoke monocrystal silver, providing an incredibly high level of purity and conductivity. Silver’s faster conductivity provides a brighter more open sound which can help balance out the low end or mitigate muddiness.

Eletech Plato



The Parnassus series is Eletch’s top of the line cable offering. Currently it only features the Iliad which uses the type-4 Litz geometry and 24 AWG wires.

Iliad uses monocrystal silver, palladium plated silver, and gold wires, and is the first cable to use palladium plated silver in its conductors. The mix of conductors provides all the best characteristics of a silver while providing additional body in the signal to balance out the thinner character sometimes associated with silver cables.

Eletech Iliad Cable


Our Selection

At Bloom, we provide Eletech’s complete line of cables in either MMXC or 2-pin with 3.5mm unbalanced termination, and 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced termination. Additionally, we provide the Virtues series with a variety of over-ear headphone connections. You can purchase Fortitude or Prudence with connections for 3.5mm, 2.5mm, or mini-XLR headphones, and with 4-pin XLR terminations. 6.3mm adapters are included with 3.5mm termination cables. We’re looking to grow our selection of cables in the future, and can also deliver special orders for lengths, connections, or terminations that we don’t currently have in stock.  Our goal is to provide you with as many cable upgrade options as possible to unlock the full potential of your IEMs and headphones.

Starting Price


Wire Gauge





OCC Copper

26 AWG

Type 4 Litz

IEM and Headphone



OCC Silver-plated copper

26 AWG

Type 4 Litz

IEM and Headphone



Monocrystal Copper

24 AWG

Maximus Efficiency Strand




Monocrystal Silver

24 AWG

Maximus Efficiency Strand




Monocrystal silver, palladium -plated silver, gold

24 AWG

Type 4 Litz


 *All cables can be special ordered in any length/connection/termination