xDuoo TA-66 top front quarter over white background
xDuoo TA-66 front over white background
xDuoo TA-66 top front half quarter over white background
xDuoo TA-66 front quarter over white background
xDuoo TA-66 rear over white background
xDuoo TA-66 bottom with removed cover showing internal wiring

xDuoo TA-66 | OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier

Regular price$249.00

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xDuoo TA-66 Offers Sweet Vintage Tube Technology, Great Sound, and Premium Build at a Crazy Price

  • Uses one 6N2 tube for preamp and one 6N5P for buffer
  • Perfect as a headphone amp or preamp for 2 channel
  • Uses point-to-point wiring vs. PCB for authentic sound
  • Custom xDuoo metal polyester film capacitors for tube output coupling
  • Incredible sound and build for the price

Analog Tube Bliss

Introducing xDuoo's TA-66 high performance OTL Tube amp/preamp that brings a classical tube amp spirit to your rig. The TA-66 adopts a 6N2 tube for preamp function making vocals sweet and exquisite, and a 6N5P buffer tube creating soft, charming audio. It also features a step-by-step potentiometer which eliminates low volume imbalance problems and yields precise control. It trades in the PCB for vintage point-to-point wiring for a more authentic sound. And with its sandblasted texture panel and solid aluminum alloy chassis, the amp is resistant to external interference while looking and feeling ultra-premium.

Point-to-Point Wiring

xDuoo uses a retro-grade point-to-point soldering technique, employing copper wires for the tube circuit while also soldering resistors and capacitors directly to the tube pins. This reduces the drawback of excessive leads while the use of straight-line connections minimizes unneeded wiring distances for shortest possible signal path. The technique ensures overall cleanliness along with interference reduction and puts the entire circuit in an ideal state to obtain a sound quality that closely resembles the original characteristics of vacuum tubes. The result is smooth audio with a throwback to the golden age but with modern simplicity and aesthetics.

xDuoo TA-66 internal wiring closeup


  • Power Source: AC 110 / 120 (manual toggle)
  • Output Power: 200MW (300Ω load)
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz-30kHz (±1DB)
  • Gain: +18dB
  • THD+N: 0.08% (1kHz@300Ω load)
  • SNR: 107dB
  • Earphone Impedance: 60-600Ω
  • Input: RCA
  • Output: 6.3mm headphone, RCA AUX out
  • Size: 11.4" x 6" x 7.2"
  • Weight: 11 lb
  • xDuoo 1 year Warranty

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