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Topping DX3Pro+ | Compact Desktop DAC and Amp

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Topping DX3Pro+ Brings the Next Step in Evolution of the Classic DAC

  • DX3Pro+ is a high-res, compact DAC/Amp that supports DSD512 & PCM768kHz decoding
  • It uses the ESS ES9038Q2M DAC and XMOS XU208 for high quality audio decoding
  • Connect via USB, Optical, Coax, or Bluetooth, including LDAC

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Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC transmission

DX3Pro+ has the certification of Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC. It uses newest QCC5125 chipset to support LDAC/AAC/SBC/APTX/APTX LL/APTX HD protocol. To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, we abandon the built-in DAC of QCC5125 and connect its digital signal to ES9038Q2M to decode.

Plug-n-Play, Turn Your PC into a HIFI Source

DX3Pro+ uses 2nd generation 8 core XMOS XU208, USB supports up to PCM32bit768kHz and DSD512 native. DX3Pro+ also has a wide range of compatibility: Windows 10, MAC, Linux, 10S, Android can be plug and play. Even in the face of higher-end ASIO applications, DX3Pro+ can do a good job: MAC drive-free, Win10 with customized Thesycon ASIO driver, PC becomes a professional HIFI| source.

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NFCA circuit

The new DX3Pro+ has the NFCA circuit optimized for this unit, giving the ultra low noise and distortion. DX3Pro+ provides two gain settings, which greatly expands the range of headphone adaptation. It pairs with high sensitivity IEMs and power hungry high impedance headphones nicely: 32Ω load: 1800mW x2 | 300Ω load: 250mW x2

Pre-amplifier function: Adapt to different usage scenarios, DX3Pro+ has 4 output modes: Headphone Amp, Headphone Amp+ Line out, DAC, and Pre-amplifier.

DAC+Headphone amp application: Connect the digital signal and also the headphone to DX3Pro+, it will serve as a DAC+ Headphone amp, bringing you every detail of music.

Bluetooth headphone amp / Bluetooth DAC application: Connect the Bluetooth of the phone, tablet or notebook to DX3Pro+, and connect the power amplifier, active speakers or headphones to the DX3Pro+’s output, then DX3Pro+ becomes your Bluetooth Headphone amp / Bluetooth DAC. You can easily enjoy the high quality music and convenience brought by Bluetooth 5.0. If your device supports LDAC transmission, you will get even better experience.

High performance DAC for media player mobile phones and tablets: Whether it is Apple IOS device, Android device and media player, as long as it supports OTG external sound card, it can be connected to the USB input of DX3Pro+ to make DX3Pro+ be their external high performance DAC.

DAC application: When you only need a simple DAC, you can set DX3Pro+’s output mode to be DAC, then it could served as a simple DAC, screen will display current sampling rate and volume will keep outputting 2Vrms.

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  • THD+N@1kHz (A-wt): <0.00015%
  • SNR@1kHz (A-wt): 122dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (+0.7dB)
  • Output Level: 2.1Vrms @0dBFS
  • Channel Balance 0.3dB


  • THD+N@1kHz (Low/High): <0.00015% @Output=1500mW (32Ω) <0.00013% @Output=160mW (300Ω) / <0.0005% @Output=1500mW (32Ω)
  • THD: @20-20kHz (90kBW) <0.0005% @Output=160mW (300Ω)
  • Frequency Response (High/Low): 20Hz-20kHz (+0.3dB) / 20Hz-40kHz (+0.7dB)
  • Output Level (Low/High): 5.5V peak, 2.1Vrms / 21.5V peak 2.1Vrms

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