Thiaudio Prestige LTD front 3 quarter over white background
Thiaudio Prestige LTD front 3 quarter revealing steel bores over white background
Thiaudio Prestige LTD top front 3 quarter over white background
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Thiaudio Prestige LTD front over white background
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Thieaudio Prestige LTD | Flagship Tribrid Universal IEMs

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Experience the EST Efficiency of the Original with a Less-fatiguing Treble with ThieAudio's Prestige LTD Tribrid IEM

  • 1 Dynamic + 4 Balanced Armatures + 4 EST Tribrid
  • Offers modified tuning for a more comfortable listening experience, retaining treble extension while eliminating fatiguing high peaks
  • Includes 4' 22AWG 6N OCC Silver-plated and Graphene Silver-plated cable with modular plugs (3.5mm, 4.4mm, 2.5mm)
  • Delivers exceptional layering and texture across entire frequency spectrum

ThieAudio Prestige LTD front and rear with attached stock cable

A Welcome Reboot

The original Prestige debuted one of the best utilizations of the electrostatic (EST) driver in the IEM market. With a sustained EST output from 10kHz until 20kHz, the Prestige demonstrated the full potential of the EST driver and the treble extension that it could achieve in the IEM format. However, the high ultra-treble output could strain some listeners.

For this reason, Thieaudio has modified the EST drivers used in the Prestige LTD to achieve a more pleasant listening experience. The Prestige LTD features the same treble-extension capacity as the original, with near constant output from 10kHz to 20kHz. However, the high peaks at 12kHz and 15kHz have been eliminated by smoothing out the extension.

Simply put, the Prestige LTD features a more balanced sound signature with tightened bass, clean upper mids, and a natural treble curvature, providing a listener-friendly experience without compromising technical capabilities.

Thieaudio Prestige with attached stock cable, digital audio player and coffee pamphlet

9 Drivers, 3 Driver Types, 5-Way Crossover

Like the original Prestige, the Prestige LTD features the same extensive and comprehensive engineering strategy. 4 Sonion electrostatic drivers + 2 Knowles mid-treble balanced armatures + 2 Sonion low-mid balanced armatures + 10mm dynamic subwoofer are used per each side of the Prestige LTD. With an over-engineered 5-way crossover tuning strategy, the Prestige provides extreme layering and texture across the whole spectrum.

More Balanced Sound Signature

The Prestige LTD has a slightly modified tonal signature compared to its predecessor. With modifications to the 10mm Dynamic Driver, the bass shelf has been tightened to 200Hz. With a better controlled and tighter bass, the sub-bass impact is more focused and faster, helping create a cleaner overall sound signature. THIEAUDIO’s classic flat mids are retained in the Prestige LTD to achieve a professional studio-monitor accurate sound. Besides the smoothing of the ultra-treble, the upper mids and trebles have also been cleaned up to provide a more natural treble curvature. In sum, the Prestige LTD provides a more listener-friendly sound signature that is easier to enjoy, while staying true to its professional technical capacities.

Original Prestige

Thieaudio original Prestige tuning graph

Prestige LTD

Thieaudio Prestige LTD tuning graph


  • Headphone Type: In-Ear Monitors
  • Drivers: 4EST + 4BA + 1DD
  • Impedance: 22Ω
  • Sensitivity: 98dB @1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-80kHz
  • Cable Material: 22AWG 6N OCC Silver-plated and Graphene Silver-plated
  • Cable Length: 4' (1.2m)
  • Cable Plug Type(s): 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm (interchangeable)
  • Cable Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm
  • Thieaudio 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

In the Box

  • Prestige LTD IEMs
  • 22AWG 6N OCC Silver-plated + Graphene Silver-plated cable w/ modular termination system
  • User Guide

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Customer Reviews

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Tim L.
Impactful & coherent yet precise & delicate all-rounder.

I took quite some time pulling the trigger on the Prestige LTD as I have the Monarch Mk 2 as well and wondered if it would mostly be duplicating that one. The answer, to my ears, is no, not at all. I can see how for genres like rock, hip hop, and EDM some people might prefer the Monarch as it has a somewhat more “fun” bass sound signature, but in fact the Prestige slams quite well when required, but with tighter grip and better control. Overall the LTD is the smoothest, most coherent IEM in my collection, with the widest soundstage and great imaging. It provides exceptional clarity and detail while remaining fluid and completely non-fatiguing. Slightly smaller and lighter than the Monarch, its comfort is also outstanding. I have IEMs 2.5x the price of the LTD yet these are my favorites - an outstanding all-rounder which has extremely little (basically nothing IMO) to criticize playing any genre.

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