Thieaudio Hype 2 purple front over white background
Thieaudio Hype 2 purple front 3 quarter over white background
Thieaudio Hype 2 purple top 3 quarter over white background
Thieaudio Hype 2 blue front 3 quarter over white background
Thieaudio Hype 2 blue top 3 quarter over white background
Thieaudio Hype 2 blue front over white background

Thieaudio Hype 2 | Hybrid 2DD + 2BA Universal IEMs

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Thieaudio Introduces the Hype 2, a Next-Gen Hybrid Dynamic and Balanced Armature Universal IEM 

  • Two Sonion Balanced Armatures, and two Dynamic drivers
  • New IMPACT² subwoofer solution enhances power and texture of bass
  • Features Thieaudio's classic and beloved studio-monitor like tuning
  • Available in Zicao (purple) or Indigo (blue) faceplate color options

Thieaudio Hype 2 blue IEMs on black cylindrical plate with logo

What's All the HYPE?

Thieaudio, a "used-to-be" nameless group of DIY enthusiasts who are now one of the best acclaimed IEM brands in the world, has announced HYPE, their new Hybrid Performance line of next-gen IEMs. They've been paying close attention to each of their projects, striving to improve upon each development and learning what it means to create better sounding solutions that customers crave. They've put it all together in their new HYPE series, IEMs that combine technical excellence and tonality.

The Hype 2 features the latest generation of Sonion drivers which offer superior output, clarity and extended treble performance. Additionally, their new IMPACT² subwoofer solution revolutionizes personalized audio with its isobaric design and enhanced bass power. A commitment to balanced tuning is maintained in the Hype 2, delivering powerful bass, flat mids, and controlled yet detailed treble for a studio-monitor-esque experience.

Thieaudio Hype 2 blue with eartips on desktop amplifier

Latest Gen Sonion Driver

The Hype 2 utilizes two of the latest iterations of Sonion drivers. The 2356 and E25ST have been well established and used by many of the largest brands in the IEM industry. The latest generation of these drivers, the P2356HF/4 and E25ST001/D, have been selected for the Hype 2 after extensive testing with different types.

The updated P2356HF/4 has significantly enhanced output with reduced THD, allowing higher resolution and clarity compared to similar BA drivers of its class. Similarly, the E25ST001/D super tweeter provides excellent tone while effectively extending the treble at an audible range until 18kHz. This super tweeter has excellent upper treble performance like the beloved electrostatic (EST) drivers, but with a smoother and more coherent tone.

Thieaudio Hype 2 purple with attached stock cable on xDuo headphone amp

Introducing IMPACT²

The IMPACT² (Impact Squared) is Thieaudio's latest technological innovation to change the personalized audio industry. IMPACT² is a new subwoofer solution consisting of two 10mm composite diaphragm drivers arranged in an isobaric design. The addition of another 10mm subwoofer significantly enhances the power and texture of the bass, while the in-house isobaric chamber design keeps the frequency and pressure constant. This means better quality bass without sacrificing tonal integrity.

Balanced Tuning

Keeping in tradition with Thie's commitment to tonal balance, the Hype 2 features the classic and beloved studio-monitor like tuning. The bass is powerful and thunderous, thanks to IMPACT² , but well controlled by keeping a tight 200Hz bass shelf. Thus, the mids are flat and neutral, accurately representing the tone of studio monitors used by pro audio engineers. The treble is respectfully tamed throughout the entire range, never peaking, but also never dipping to maintain a balance between detail retrieval and pleasant listening. The overall tonality will be familiar to Thieaudio fans who have enjoyed the upper-end series (Monarch MKII + MKIII, Prestige, and V16 Divinity) while newer audiences will be introduced to the true definition of an in-ear monitor.

Thieaudio Hype 2 frequency response graph


  • Drivers
    • (x1) Sonion E25 BA
    • (x1) Sonion 2300 BA
    • (x2) 10mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Impedance: 25Ω @ 1KHz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB/Vrms @ 1KHz
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Nozzle Diameter (Lip): 6mm
  • Nozzle Diameter (Stem): 5.4mm
  • Thieaudio 1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
David King
Lives up to the Hype!

I'm very pleased with the Thieaudio Hype 2. It delivers a fun, enjoyable, inoffensive sound signature without sacrificing clarity. The accessories are nice enough, though a modular cable would be appreciated. It is a great way to experience the Thieaudio IMPACT2 (2DD) subwoofer without breaking the bank. Highly recommended a nice all-rounder.

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