RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE DAC and amp front quarter over white background
RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE DAC and amp front over white background
RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE DAC and amp rear over white background

RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE | Desktop DAC and Amp

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The ADI-2/4 Pro SE is the Next Generation DAC Amp from RME’s Award-winning ADI Series

  • High-end 768 kHz, versatile, PRO studio quality AD/DA converter
  • Pro-level AD/DA frontend and headphone amp for iPad and iPhone
  • Multi-format converter with monitoring (AES, SPDIF, ADAT)
  • SPDIF/ADAT playback system and DSD record / playback solution
  • TOTL vinyl player digitization solution

RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE with phono and AKAI monitor

Next-Gen DAC from RME

Based on years of ongoing development of the popular ADI-2 Pro, RME unveils the next addition to the award-winning ADI-2 Series. The latest masterpiece comes with a newly developed circuit board, improved specs, and faster DSP for an outstanding transparent sound signature, "Extreme Power" headphone amp (includes IEM power setting), super-low noise 4.4 mm Balanced connection, trigger out function for powering on/off external devices, and RIAA mode for directly digitizing vinyl discs in the highest quality.

One Unit... A Multitude of Devices

The ADI-2/4 Pro SE is a 2-channel analog input to digital and 4-channel digital to analog output converter in a half-rack (9.5"), 1U enclosure. Latest 32 bit / 768 kHz converters offer up to 123 dBA S/NR. Reference-class tech specs throughout are combined with an unprecedented feature set. A powerful DSP adds all kinds of useful audio processing, including 5-band parametric EQ, fast Bass/Treble adjustment, Crossfeed, and a new Loudness sound control.

The ADI-2/4 Pro SE includes:

  • (x2) Servo-balanced analog inputs on combo XLR/TRS jacks
  • (x2) Separate balanced and unbalanced outputs on XLR and TRS
  • (x2) Stereo Extreme Power headphone outputs on the front for easy balanced operation of all headphones, including IEMs via Pentaconn connector
  • Optical SPDIF I/O, Coaxial SPDIF (RCA), and AES I/O (XLR) via included breakout cable.

With independent balanced outputs for Line and Phones, balanced phones no longer mutes the rear outputs. Balanced Line and Balanced Phones outputs can be used simultaneously, even with different sources/signals. The balanced TRS in the back can be fed from Line 1/2 or Phones 3/4 signal path, perfect for handling insert effects during the mastering process.

A high resolution IPS panel for the graphical operation surface eases operation even more, and displays further functions provided by the DSP, namely Peak level meters, a 30-band analyzer in DIGICheck bi-quad filter technology, and a State Overview screen listing the current states of SPDIF, AES, USB and clock.

The USB 2.0 port is fully Class Compliant (UAC 2.0) and natively supported by iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows 10 (since 1709), and is also used for firmware updates. The ADI-2/4 Pro can be easily powered from battery, opening up mobile applications as well as galvanically isolated use cases.

As a computer interface, the ADI-2/4 Pro offers a stereo (2-in / 2-out) and a multichannel mode (6 -in / 8-out). Compatibility with macOS comes right out of the box. Under Windows, the ADI-2/4 Pro uses RME's MADIface series driver for full WDM and ASIO compatibility and highest performance.

RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE features and connectivity diagram

Highlighted Features

Extreme Power Headphones
Now provides 2.1W unbalanced and 3.4W balanced at 32Ω per channel. Additional IEM power states added for full compatibility. Phone outputs feature mute relay, over-current detection, DC protection, plug detection and DSP controls. True Balanced mode with (x2) balanced input channels / (x4) balanced output channels.

Flexible and Powerful
New Trigger Out socket provides 12V switching signal for toggling on/off power amps. Universal DC input socket accepts voltages from 9.5 to 15. Internal switching regulator prevents internal hum via standard linear regulators followed by super low-noise linear regulators. Also features new Moving Magnet compatibility which prevents the requirement of an external preamplifier and can directly be connected to turntables. It includes suitable input impedance, RIAA equalization, and the necessary pre-amplification.

Extended Multi-Remote Support (MRC)
The ADI-2/4 Pro SE remote provides buttons for standby on/off, volume, balance, bass and treble, input selection (optical, coaxial, USB), mute, on/off loudness, bass/treble, and EQ. Also includes (x4) programmable buttons for flexibility.

SteadyClock FS - Reference class Digital Clocking
Excellent performance in all clock modes and High Quality Analog Conversion to hear your mix as it is, with the lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity.

RME Audio interfaces not only provide you with a professional digital audio interface, but also with the freely available DigiCheck software for metering, testing, measuring, and analyzing digital audio streams.


In the Box

  • ADI 2/4 Pro SE
  • Remote and battery
  • Digital breakout cable AES/SPDIF (BO968)
  • 6' USB cable
  • External, lockable switched PS (DC 12V 40W)
  • Power cord
  • Full User's Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

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