Questyle NHB15 with attached stock cable and DAC module over white background
Questyle NHB15 with attached earphones and leather case
Questyle NHB15 3D render with detached cable over black volcanic rock
Questyle NHB15 earphones dramatic closeup with stock cable highlighting 2-pin connectors
NHB15 warm dramatic over black case highlighting Questyle logo

Questyle NHB15 | Dynamic USB-C Universal IEM and DAC/Amp

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Questyle NHB15 Makes Lossless Listening Easy with your USB-C Device

  • Included DAC cable provides high resolution audio with any USB-C device
  • Compatible with any other DAC or amp with the included 3.5mm cable
  • Custom Dynamic driver provides powerful bass and surprising clarity
  • Patented Current Mode Technology provides ultra-efficient design that saves phone battery life and yields incredibly low distortion
  • Check out Questyle's NHB12 for the Apple Lightning version

Questyle NHB15 with pouch

Experience True Lossless Sound

NHB15 is convenient to use: just plug and play without the need for any drivers or settings. Questyle NHB15 delivers studio-quality 192kHz audio with 0 distortion. It is a high-resolution audio powerhouse, capable of handling audio files up to 24-bit. This means you can enjoy studio-quality music on the go, with an astonishing 6.5 times more information than standard CDs.

Combining an integrated DAC and Current Mode Amplification, NHB15 provides unparalleled sound quality.

The USB-C based NHB15 improves the USB interface from its predecessor and is compatible with the entire iPhone 15 series, the latest iPads, Android, and Harmony OS. It's also fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems, allowing users to enjoy lossless music across a broad spectrum of smart devices.

Questyle NHB15 dramatic closeup of mirror-like shells with detached cable

SiP Chip for Independent DAC and AMP: MA2430

Questyle Technology, in collaboration with strategic partner USI, embarked on a two-year journey, starting in 2021, to develop of a series of chips in pursuit of an uncompromising auditory experience. The MA2430 incorporates Current Mode Amplification in the entire chain of lossless audio signal processing. Operating at a minimum voltage of 2V, the system requires only 3mA of operating current – half the power consumption of a typical TWS IEM.

However the MA2430 boasts the DAC capabilities for master tape-level music up to 192k and the performance of driving headphones with ultra low distortion at 0.00002%, challenging the physical limits of testing with top-tier audio analyzers.

SiP chip held by tweezers with Questyle and USI logos

Optimized Design

The balance between comfort and sound quality is crucial yet often overlooked when it comes to in-ear headphones. During the early stages of NHB15 development, designers collected extensive data from ear model databases. Using the data combined with real world testing, they achieved the ultimate design.

High Quality Accessories

Detachable Cable Design
The NHB15 features a detachable cable design. What's more, a classic 3.5mm cable is included in the box. The interchangeable cables can be paired with other devices.

Questyle NHB15 detachable cable diagram

Storage Pouch
The NHB15 comes with a specially designed headphone storage pouch that's compact and convenient to carry in your pocket on-the-go.


  • Driver: 10.2mm Dynamic with custom diaphragm voice coil
  • Impedance: 38Ω
  • Operating Current: 10mA
  • Audio Decoding: 192k
  • Ultra Low Distortion: 0.0002%
  • Questyle 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • NHB15 Earphones
  • NHB15 USB-C DAC/Amp Cable
  • 3.5mm Connector Cable
  • Leather Storage Case
  • Silicone Eartips: SS, S, M, L, LL
  • Quick Start Guide

Questyle NHB15 In the Box

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