Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio
Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio
Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio
Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio
Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio
Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio
Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable-Bloom Audio

Pro-Ject T2 W | Audiophile Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable

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The T2 W is Pro-Ject's Marriage of Analog Vinyl Playback With Digital Convenience

  • UPnP compatible with most network-enabled streaming products (Smart TVs, A/V receivers, streaming loudspeakers, etc.)
  • 2.4/5GHz WiFI with 2×2 MIMO, up to 866 mbps (340+ concurrent 24/48 lossless audio streams), manage with Pro-Ject Control App
  • Standard compressed and optional lossless streams up to 24bit 48kHz
  • Features large stable chassis, Nickel finish counterweight, 9″ one-piece aluminum tonearm, and pre-adjusted Sumiko Rainier cartridge
  • High-quality dual-stage split-passive MM phono preamp
  • 10mm 3.75 lb zero-resonance glass platter
  • Speed control with electronic speed switch, and spring-based anti-skating system

Pro-Ject T2 W white rear over white background

Vinyl Playback with Modern Convention

The T2 W is Pro-Ject's bold and successful undertaking of combining nostalgic, vinyl listening with the modern convenience of wireless digital connectivity. The T2 W turntable is belt-driven with a 9" tonearm, electronic speed control module, and a premium Sumiko MM cartridge. But the magic in the T2 W is its integrated wireless capability that allows for networked streaming of Hi-Fi vinyl bliss, even at lossless 48kHz/24-bit FLAC output. The icing on the digital vinyl cake is the ability to manage it all via 'Pro-Ject's Control' app. Pro-Ject's innovation and approach to quality with the T2 W earned them a seat at EISA's "Best of" table with best Vinyl System Product of 2023-2024.

Stream Vinyl Anywhere

The T2 W builds upon Pro-Ject's highly acclaimed T1 formula while introducing innovative Wi-Fi streaming tech. This feature enables seamless streaming to a wide range of modern network-enabled audio devices like hi-fi streamers, network-enabled A/V receivers and contemporary streaming loudspeakers. The T2 W is multi-room capable, allowing for hundreds of audio streams to multiple receiving devices - you'll be hard-pressed to strain its multi-core CPU or struggle with Wi-Fi bandwidth performance issues.

The latest Wi-Fi, WLAN and 2×2 MIMO standards have been added, and the T2 W can either stream in standard compressed format (most compatible) or in lossless 24bit/48kHz for select high-end streamers. The Pro-Ject Control App offers a fast and intuitive experience with easy BLE functional setup for a simple start.

Pro-Ject T2 W PCB closeup

High-Quality Materials

The elegantly crafted CNC-machined plinth is larger and more massive than its T1 big brother. The T2 W is available in 3 finishes: gloss black, satin white and walnut laminate with no plastic components! Thoughtful design eliminates hollow spaces, preventing unwanted chassis resonance. The T2 W also uses a thicker, heavier glass platter, ensuring a zero-resonance design that effectively eliminates the shortcomings associated with plastic or light-weight steel alternatives. Complementing turntable isolation feet separate the T2 W from ambient vibrations present in the vicinity of your hi-fi system.

Speed Control, Motor & Drive System

The motor-driven belt drives a newly designed sub-platter exclusive to Pro-Ject's T-line. The T2 W features Pro-Ject's well-established, electronically-regulated precision-speed AC motor in contrast to most alternatives relying upon unregulated DC motors with wide speed fluctuations. It also features electronic speed-switching between 33 & 45rpm, resulting in a low-noise, highly-stable drive system for the platter.

Pro-Ject T2 W black on white decorative cabinet in living space

New Tonearm & Anti-Skate System

The tonearm on the T2 W has been improved with a longer arm tube. With its 9″ effective length and stiff aluminum construction, this one-piece tonearm also features newly updated low-friction bearings to accommodate the increased length and diameter, leading to absolute accuracy in operation. The design limits unwanted resonance and is a big improvement over other detachable, screw-fastened or glued headshells! The T2 W also includes the latest adjustable spring-based anti-skating mechanism for easier setup and optimal performance of your cartridge.

Premium Built-In Phono Stage

The T2 W has a high-quality dual-stage split-passive MM phono preamp. This is the first time a Pro-Ject turntable has used an integrated phono-preamp of this quality. This is considered to be a necessity in order to maximize performance over Wi-Fi, provide unrivaled audio performance, and maximize longevity. Supplied with a high-value Sumiko Rainier MM cartridge ($149 value), this is a true hi-fi playback system with no design compromises.

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  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21.3" x 11.8 x 16.2″
  • Speed: 33, 45/78 (electronic speed change)
  • Drive principle: belt-drive
  • Platter: 10mm thick, 3.75 lb glass platter w/ felt mat
  • Main bearing: Stainless steel & brass
  • SN/R: 67dB
  • Tonearm: 9″ aluminum (effective length 9.05" | effective mass: 0.335 oz)
  • Overhang: .867"
  • WLAN standards: 2.4/5GHz, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 2×2 MIMO
  • Power Supply: 15V / 800mA DC, universal |  4.5W / < 2W in network standby
  • T2 W Setup Guide
  • T2 W Full Manual
  • T2 W Streaming Guide
  • Pro-Ject 2 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • Pro-Ject T2 W Turntable
  • Sumiko Rainier MM Phone Cartridge
  • Power supply
  • Dust cover
  • Felt mat
  • 45rpm adapter
  • Phono RCA cable

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