oBravo Cupid | Dynamic + Planar Magnetic IEMs-Bloom Audio
oBravo Cupid | Dynamic + Planar Magnetic IEMs-Bloom Audio
oBravo Cupid | Dynamic + Planar Magnetic IEMs-Bloom Audio
oBravo Cupid | Dynamic + Planar Magnetic IEMs-Bloom Audio

oBravo Cupid | Dynamic + Planar Magnetic IEMs

Regular price$269.00

Our Take
Wow. What sorcery is this? How can these IEMs sound THIS good for only $269? Could be black magic, could be masterful engineering. Either way, these bad boys sound absolutely killer at this insane price. The Cupid gets our wholehearted recommendation

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From oBravo

oBravo are renowned for their high end, luxury, boutique earphones and headphones that provide the user with unique technology and exceptional build quality.

The Cupid has been introduced as oBravo’s entry level offering, providing everything people love about oBravo at an economical price. Utilizing oBravo’s patented 8mm planar tweeter alongside a neodymium dynamic driver offers best in class sonic performance and incredible levels of detail often unobtainable from alternative technologies.

oBraco Cupid

oBravo decided on the name Cupid because once you hear it you will fall in love. The stunning metal enclosure has been beautifully finished in a luxurious black gold coating. The gorgeous finish of the Cupid provides users with amazing build quality that can rarely be achieved at this level.

Supplied with Cupid is a high quality Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) litz cable terminated with a gold plated brass 2.5mm balanced jack. Includes a gold plated brass 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter as well.


WEIGHT 0.2 kg

Dynamic, Planar Tweeter




Glossy Silver








In the Box

  • 1.2m OCC litz cable with gold plated 2.5mm balanced plug
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter
  • Silicone Eartips S/M/L
  • Comply Foam Eartips S/M/L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Picky but well worth it

First of all, Bloom is the only place I'll buy headphones/earphones from. Their customer service and communication has won a lifetime customer from me. As for these IEMs, they sound amazing (with a caveat we'll get to in a second). They are expressive and musical. Clear highs and midrange with a surprisingly palpable bass slam for such tiny monitors. They sounded AWFUL directly from my PHONE (3.5mm SE through included adapter), sounded very OK from a Fiio M11 pro (native 2.5mm balanced) streaming Tidal Master tracks, but they sounded incredible streaming Spotify tracks from my phone to my Fiio BTR5 (native 2.5mm balanced). In short, paired with the right source for synergy, these things really sing and punch well above their cost.

Lester Washington

oBravo Cupid | Dynamic + Planar Magnetic IEMs

David W Smith

One of the best IEM i have owned, and I've owned a few.............Campfire, Cardas, Westone. No background noise, just plain music. And being able to listen as the artist intended. %5 Star.

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