Noble Tux 5 \ Dynamic + Balanced Armature IEMs-Bloom Audio
Noble Tux 5 \ Dynamic + Balanced Armature IEMs-Bloom Audio
Noble Tux 5 \ Dynamic + Balanced Armature IEMs-Bloom Audio

Noble Audio Tux 5 | Dynamic + Balanced Armature IEMs

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Our Take
It's no secret that the Khan has been one of our very favorite products since its release. And now, as if somehow knowing just how much we wanted it, Noble has gone and developed the Tux 5 – the incredible sound of the Khan, with smoother (less ultra-detailed) treble, and about HALF the price. It's almost too good to be true. Affectionately referred to as "Baby Khan," this is easily the best value in Noble's lineup if you want truly TOTL sound without a TOTL price. Booyah. Read our full review.

From Noble

The Tux 5 ("Tux" is short for Tuxedo, which plays to the black and white color scheme of the Tux) is a Hybrid IEM with one 10mm dynamic driver for bass, and four Knowles BA drivers for mid and high frequencies. It features a black acrylic housing, similar to the Khan, but its faceplates are all black with a white crown on one side and the wizard's signature on the other. The Tux 5 also features a stainless steel nozzle, ear wax guard, and the same recessed sockets as the 2nd generation Khan. The standard cable for the Tux 5 will be the same 8 core OCC copper premium cable supplied with the M3, however, it will feature 4 black jacketed wires and 4 white jacketed wires that will separate to all white on the right side and all black on the left side.

Noble Tux 5


    • 5 Driver
    • 4 Balanced Armature
    • 1 10mm Dynamic
    • Sensitive Enough For Use With Smartphones As Well As Portable Amps And Daps
    • Hand-assembled And Matched
    • Detachable Cable With Industry Standard 2-pin Configuration (0.78mm Diameter) 

    In the Box

    • A white ‘Wizard Crown’ sticker
    • Two black Noble Audio branded stacking rubber bands
    • One cleaning pick
    • Small round screw lid carry case (plastic)
    • Larger Pelicase 1010 style carry case with carabiner lock.
    • An assortment of tips in foam and silicone
    • Warranty card

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