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Noble Audio Kublai Khan | 7 Driver BA, Dynamic, Bone Conduction, Piezo Hybrid IEMs

Regular price$2,599.00

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Bloom's Take

$2599 is no small amount of money, and the growing number of IEMs in the $2k to $3k price range makes it more challenging to rise above the competition, but Kublai Khan is up to the challenge. By utilizing unique technology like Bone Conduction and a Piezo Super Tweeter, along with a magical tuning done by Noble Audio’s Wizard, Kublai Khan is poised to conquer the competition.

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From Noble Audio

Descending directly from the lineage of the original Khan, the Kublai Khan features 4 different types of drivers, including a 10mm dynamic driver for superb bass and sub-bass, a bone conductor subwoofer, four Knowles BA drivers for mid-low and mid-highs, and a 10mm Piezo super tweeter. Basically, we took what we learned from building the multi-award winning Khan, and improved upon it with greater bass extension with a rumble that you can actually feel, improved mids, and airy and precise highs. We are also happy to note that electromagnetic interference from the Apple dongle is not an issue with the Kublai Khan.

The stainless steel nozzle includes a metal wax guard screen, and the 2-pin 0.78mm sockets are recessed. Kublai Khan is shipped with Noble’s 8 Core cable in a 4.4mm termination.

Noble Kublai Khan front faceplates angled over black background


  • Composite body, acetate faceplate
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • (x7) Drivers
    • (x1) 10mm Dynamic
    • (x1) Bone Conductor subwoofer
    • (x1) 10mm Peizo super tweeter
    • (x4) Balanced Armatures
  • Impedance: < 35Ω
  • Hand-assembled and matched
  • Detachable 8 core cable w/ standard 2-pin connector and 4.4mm termination

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Customer Reviews

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jeremy hurst
Noble Kublai Khan

KK was home waiting for me after work Wednesday evening, and I will say one of the best unboxing experiences I’ve had. I personally love the Nanuk case and can fit my Dap and three iems in it. The Kublai Khans themselves are well made and stunning to behold. The stock cable feels nice and looks aesthetically pleasing however I haven’t been able to hear KK with it as the left channel of the cable is not working and Bloom Audio is helping me out with this. So for my impressions I’m using the Traillii stock cable by PW Audio and source Lp P6pro with Eartune Fidelity U tips.

The first moment I listened it was a bit jarring as KK sounds different than what I’ve been listening to this past year. It’s clarity and transparency is off the charts. It did take some brain burn for me to be sucked in, much like it did with Supermoon. However where Supermoon lacked in Dynamic contrast the Kublai Khan has in spades. This is exactly What I was after. A different sound with energy and dynamic swings on both macro and micro.

The bass is impressive, not overbearing or bloomy, digs deep and stays in its lane. Reminds me of Odin bass. Which is a HUGE compliment. It only comes out when the track calls for it. More of a sub bass boost and less Mid bass with this tuning which I am enjoying as most of my iems/buds are mid bass oriented sets. There is enough mid bass to give some warmth to the stage but not so much that technicals are smudged or lost. Coming into the midrange, it’s very linear with great layering and transparency…

Male vocals are exceptionally muscular and female vocals are sweet and natural while being pulled back a bit in the soundstage. Not much but just enough to let the rest of the stage encapsulate the listener. The soundstage is vastly wide and sounds bounce around the head in a 3D like image. There is a good amount of depth and height as well. Nothing cathedral like with Ier-Z1R. The details are everywhere, well separated with good amounts of air and placement/imaging is top notch. Instrument timbre is natural and realistic especially bass instruments, horns, strings. The only area I heard some struggle was with acoustic guitars in some tracks…lacked some heft and grit.

I will say the treble is my favorite here. So extended, never dry or blunted. Full of sparkle and detail, that never gets fatiguing. With the amount of detail one would think it may get boring or overly analytical, however the musicality with the KK is ever present. Maybe the BC driver at play.

Overall the Kublai Khan is wining me over with its Spacious, musical and technically competent sound, great imaging and fast transients. A world class quality bass and treble extension that rivals my experience with the planar king iem Supermoon. However, like Supermoon, KK loves well produced tracks. Poorer recording show of all that is lacking.

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