Noble Audio Khan | Endgame Tri-Level Hybrid IEMs (2nd Gen)

Sale price $2,399.00

Our Take

We fell head over heels for Khan the moment we laid eyes (and ears) on it at CanJam NYC 2019. Beautifully handcrafted and even more beautifully engineered, the Khan is without a doubt a true endgame set of IEMs. Be sure to pair with an excellent DAC/amp to truly enjoy the stunning clarity and transparency.

From Noble 

Introducing the Noble Khan, a new design vision from the Wizard. Utilizing Tri-Level Hybrid Technology to produce an all conquering sound signature descending from the lineage of the universally loved Kaiser 10 and Encore.

The Khan features 6 drivers in each black SLA housing. Consisting of 4 Balanced armature drivers, 1 dynamic driver and 1 piezo electric driver. Stainless steel nozzle ensures durability and comfort.

Industry first, Wizard selected handcrafted M3 composite "Mokume Gane" faceplate, which results in a unique pattern for every IEM. 


    • 6 Driver
    • Tri-level Hybrid
    • 3 Types Of Driver Technologies Implemented In Design
    • 4 Balanced Armature
    • 1 10mm Dynamic
    • 1 10mm Piezo Electric
    • Sensitive Enough For Use With Smartphones As Well As Portable Amps And Daps
    • Hand-assembled And Matched
    • Detachable Cable With Industry Standard 2-pin Configuration (0.78mm Diameter)

    In the Box

    • Silver-plated copper cable
    • A white ‘Wizard Crown’ sticker
    • Two black Noble Audio branded stacking rubber bands
    • One cleaning pick
    • Small round screw lid carry case (plastic)
    • Larger Pelicase 1010 style carry case with carabiner lock.
    • An assortment of tips in foam and silicone
    • Warranty card