Meze Audio Mini-XLR to 4.4mm silver upgrade cable over white background
Meze Audio Mini-XLR to 2.5mm silver upgrade cable over white background
Meze Audio Mini-XLR to 6.3mm silver upgrade cable over white background
Meze Audio Mini-XLR to 4-pin XLR silver upgrade cable over white background
Meze Audio Mini-XLR to 3.5mm silver upgrade cable over white background

Meze Empyrean / Elite Silver PCUHD Premium Cable | Upgrade 4 Pin Mini-XLR Cable

Sale price$399.00


Reveal more of your Sound

Made to bring out the finest qualities of your headphones, our SILVER-PLATED PREMIUM CABLES combine the best of two different worlds – the conductive properties of silver with copper’s high durability. Manufactured using state-of-the-art Furukawa Copper wire, coated with pure silver, the cables are an easy upgrade to your listening experience, offering more depth, improving separation and enhancing details.

Made With High Grade Furukawa PCUHD Silver-Plated Copper

By combining a molding process that uses no heat-resistant materials with post-processing free from hot extrusion or rolling processes, the product can be mass-produced in a way that excludes inclusions and impurities. While the product is a 4N grade material (copper purity 99.99%), it possesses high malleability and drawability that allows processing up to superfine wires.empyrean couch

Hand Braided In Baia Mare, Romania

Featuring a proven twisted design, each cable is made of 140 conductors with 0.04mm in diameter, in an eight-wire to four-wire braid configuration. Twisting the wires minimizes the energy of the magnetic fields created by each wire, allowing us to achieve proper noise and signal interference reduction. This technique accomplishes two main objectives: reduces outgoing noise and reduces incoming noise related to electromagnetic interference.empyrean couch


  • Braided Furukawa SILVER PLATED PCUHD Copper
  • 4 pin mini-XLR headphone termination
  • 0.04 mm*140 conductors in 8 wire to 4 wire continuous braid
  • PCUHD (Pure Copper Ultra High Drawability) silver plated single crystallized
  • Each strand is silver plated
  • USA made TPE Sleeve
  • Jensen 4% silver Soldering


3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm: 1.3 m (4.2 ft) long

6.3mm/4-pin XLR: 2.5 m (8.2 ft) long

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    Customer Reviews

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    Ken Simkulet
    Meze Empyrean Silver Cable

    After using the stock cable on my Empyrean's for a time I wanted something more. I received these cables with high expectations. For 3 days I endured these. It was like grinding sand between my teeth. After putting them away for a week I tried these again. The sound was very much improved. No more sand. In fact - they were much better than the stock all copper leads. So Break these in and you will be rewarded with a much cleaner, more punctual sound. The highs have some sparkle now. The bass is still there and is much tighter. Break these in and they will be very rewarding. They are truly a step up from the original. The cable quality is top notch. If you think you might want to spend the money on these - do it.

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