Kinera Imperial Verdandi | 6 Driver Quadbrid IEMs-Bloom Audio
Kinera Imperial Verdandi | 6 Driver Quadbrid IEMs-Bloom Audio
Kinera Imperial Verdandi | 6 Driver Quadbrid IEMs-Bloom Audio

Kinera Imperial Verdandi | 6 Driver Quadbrid IEMs

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Verdandi Delivers Flagship Quadbrid Sound at a More Accessible Level

  • 6 Driver Quadrbrid design with EST, BA, Dynamic, and Bone Conduction
  • Custom Flash Acoustics cable, specially designed for Verdandi
  • Balanced tonality provides excellent performance across many genres and styles.

Kinera Verdandi Lifestyle

Verdandi: One of the Three Norns – The Present Norn

Verdandi is the second of the three sisters who govern fate in Norse mythology, the daughter of the wise giant Mimir, and the Norn who presides over the “present,” also known as the Present Norn. Her elder sister Urd represents the past, and her younger sister Skuld represents the future. Their main duties are to tend to the World Tree and weave the web of fate, inscribing the runes of fate on wooden slats.

Verdandi is easygoing and gentle, sometimes lively, sometimes brave. She not only controls the fate of humans but can also predict the fate of the gods, warning them to cherish the present. Her appearance is seen as marking the end of the Golden Age of the gods.

Sound Characteristics

Verdandi offers balanced sound and excellent musical adaptability. It delivers ample and elastic low frequencies with a textured quality, achieved through a combination of dynamic driver and bone conduction for bass output. The two different units seamlessly integrate their respective advantages to maximize performance.

In terms of vocals, the earphone provides clear spatial perception with a moderate distance, avoiding a close-up sensation while maintaining good density. The high-frequency range is delicate, transparent, and exhibits excellent extension and detailed rendering. With the inclusion of dual electrostatic drivers, the earphone ensures a stable and clear background for the voices of modern goddesses, creating an expansive soundstage for an immersive listening experience, particularly for live recordings.

Overall, Verdandi offers a warm and refined sound signature characterized by balanced tonality and an expansive soundstage. It performs well across a range of genres, including chamber music, pop, and jazz.

Kinera Verdandi Closeup

6mm DD for Low-Frequency: One 6mm Dynamic Driver is responsible for handling the low-frequency range. The new generation of 6mm liquid diaphragm units utilizes advanced tuning techniques to effectively reduce resonance, extend frequency response, and deliver natural and warm vocals. It provides rich and delicate details, high instrument reproduction accuracy, wide and solid soundstage. The magnet of the driver employs high-performance permanent magnets, providing powerful magnetic driving force. The magnetic circuit system adopts a highly precise fully enclosed layout, allowing for greater magnetic flux and improved magnetic conductivity, thereby enhancing the stability of the sound cavity and achieving high-fidelity sound reproduction.

2 Knowles BA Drivers for Mid / High Frequency: Two Balanced Armature drivers from Knowles handle the mid/high frequencies. Through clever circuitry and crossover design, they seamlessly connect the mid/high frequencies of Verdandi. The drivers are meticulously tuned to balance the naturalness of the low-frequency dynamic driver with the high-frequency advantages of the electrostatic drivers, ensuring smooth transition and coherence across the entire frequency range of Verdandi.

2 Sonion EST Drives for High / Ultra High Frequency: Two Electrostatic Drivers from Sonion handle the high/ultra-high frequencies. By utilizing a composite dual electrostatic driver design, they provide enhanced extension, quick transient response, and a clear and shimmering sound in the high-frequency range.

1 Bone Conduction Driver: One Bone Conduction Driver assists in the low-frequency range by utilizing a contact-based bone conduction driver. It works in synergy with the low-frequency dynamic driver to further enhance the low-frequency performance, resulting in fuller and deeper bass, providing an immersive music experience..


  • Drivers:  2 Knowles BA + 2 Sonion EST + 1 DD + 1 Bone Conduction Driver
  • Frequency Response:  20Hz-50kHz
  • Sensitivity:  105 dB
  • Impedance: 14Ω

In the Box

  • One pair of Kinera Imperial Verdandi COSMOS In-ear monitors
  • One Flash Acoustics Monocrystalline Copper + High Purity 4N Silver Cable
  • Final Type E Eartips x 5 sets (SS/S/M/L/LL)
  • AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Eartips x 3 sets (SS/MS/ML)
  • Kinera K-07 Balanced Eartips x3 (S/M/L)
  • Foam tips x 1 (L)
  • Storage Bag
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual
  • Dusting Cloth

Kinera Verdandi in the Box

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