iFi ZEN Phono v3 top front quarter over white background
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iFi ZEN Phono v3 front over white background
iFi ZEN Phono v3 top front over white background
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iFi ZEN Phono v3 top over white background
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iFi ZEN Phono v3 | Phono Stage

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Favorite Vinyl Records With iFi's ZEN Phono 3

  • Upgraded 2024 version of the original Phono stage
  • Supports x4 MC/MM gain selections for compatibility with a wide range of cartridges
  • Intelligent subsonic filter that transforms the sound of your warped vinyl records
  • Super-silent noise floor of -151dBV, surpassing some Class A+ phono stages
  • Internal high-tech 1.2MHz clean power supply
  • Only phono stage in its class to feature 4.4mm Balanced output

iFi ZEN Phono 3 front right quarter closeup

Turn on Tranquility

In a world full of noise, welcome to ZEN. Today, modern technology is ever-evolving, and simplicity and connection are what we crave most... the familiar act of picking your favorite LP, hearing the soft crackle before it starts, and sharing a story or two with friends as you listen together.

IFi's ZEN Phono 3 allows you to slip seamlessly back into this blissful world of vinyl, and with its enhanced features and intelligent warp filter, you can break out your over-loved LP’s and hear them as new.

Key Features

  • Intelligent subsonic filter that removes LP warp without removing low end
  • -151dBV measured Equivalent Input Noise. 20dBV quieter than some Stereophile Class A+
  • High precision, (1.2MHz) high-current power supply controller
  • Precise RIAA EQ with +/- 0.15dB tolerance from 20Hz-20kHz
  • 4.4mm Balanced and RCA line outputs
  • 36-72dB gain range and load impedance adjustment button to support a range of cartridges

iFi ZEN Phono 3 PCB with feature thumbnails

Super Subsonic

IFi's intelligent subsonic filter high passes the vertical (side) information much more heavily than the lateral (mid), as LP bass is invariably mono (due to elliptic
equalizing during vinyl mastering.) This way, it only filters record warp, without attenuating low bass or adding group delay.

Normal subsonic filters aren’t intelligent. They’re typically hated by audiophiles because they filter out the rumble from warped records while also filtering out the bass. IFi's intelligent subsonic filter knows the difference between the two, and only filters the warp, leaving the song intact.

iFi ZEN Phono 3 rear closeup highlighting balanced 4.4mm jack

Minimize Crosstalk with 4.4mm

ZEN Phono 3 is the only phono stage in its class to feature a 4.4mm balanced output. Connect to active speakers, amplifiers or receivers with balanced inputs, and experience reduced crosstalk and noise.

Max Out Every Cartridge

All new front button for adjusting input capacitance and load impedance settings, independently of gain settings:

  • MM/MC-High: 47kΩ, 100/200pF
  • MC-Low/V-Low: 100/400/1kΩ

iFi ZEN Phono 3 front closeup highlighting input capacitance button

Lower Noise, Shockingly Silent

The noise floor of a typical phono stage is noticeable. This is because it sits above the level of the low-level textures and detail of the music and gets in the way of the song. The ZEN Phono 3 is distinctly different. Hear your music as it was meant to be heard without the noise you associate with vinyl records.

ZEN Phono 3 boasts an Equivalent Input Noise figure of -151dBV, which is -20dB quieter than some Stereophile Class A+ phono's which are -131dBV. Additionally, the ZEN Phono 3 has its own high-tech 1.2MHz power supply on its own ‘island.' Its isolated state prevents the pollution of noise into the amplification stage.

Hear Your Record Properly

Most records are recorded with an inverse RIAA (recording) equalization that needs to be undone on playback. ZEN Phono 3’s RIAA playback equalization curve is within a staggering +/- 0.15dB tolerance, allowing for truthful, accurate music playback.

iFi Zen phono 3 connections guide


  • Analog Input: RCA
  • Analog Output: 4.4mm BAL | RCA
  • Gain: MM: 36dB | MC HIGH: 48dB | MC LOW: 60dB | MC V-LOW: 72dB
  • Frequency Response: BAL 20Hz-80kHz (-3dB) | SE 20Hz-20kHz (-0.15dB)
  • Channel Separation: >75dB (1kHz all modes)
  • Max Output Voltage (RMS)
    • 4.4mm BAL: 100kΩ: ≥19.98V | 600Ω: ≥12.75V (THD+N <1%)
    • RCA: 100kΩ: ≥10.07V | 600Ω: 7.94V (THD+N <1%)
  • Output Impedance: 4.4mm BAL 200Ω | RCA 100Ω
  • Input Impedance: MM/MC HIGH: 100pF or 200pF (47kΩ) | MC LOW/MC V-LOW: 1kΩ or 400Ω or 100Ω
  • SNR (2V BAL, 1V RCA)
    • MM: 91dB (A)/82dB (unweighted 80kHz BW)
    • MC HIGH: 81dB (A)/71dB (unweighted 80kHz BW)
    • MC LOW: 89.6dB (A)/80dB (unweighted 80kHz BW)
    • MC V-LOW: 78.6dB (A)/69dB (unweighted 80kHz BW)
  • Harmonic Distortion (2V BAL, 1V RCA @ 600Ω)
    • MM: <-91dB/0.0027%
    • MC HIGH: <-80dB/0.0095%
    • MC LOW: <-70dB/0.031%
    • MC V-LOW: <-73dB/0.022%
  • Power Supply Req: DC 5V / 0.5A (centre + ve)
  • Power Consumption: No Signal ~ 1.5W | Max Signal ~ 1.8W
  • Dimensions: 6.2" x 4.6" x 1.4"
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • IFi 1 Year Warranty
  • iFi Zen Phono 3 User Manual

In the Box

iFi Zen Phono 3 In the Box guide

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