iFi Power Station | Active Noise Cancellation Power Source-Bloom Audio
iFi Power Station | Active Noise Cancellation Power Source-Bloom Audio
iFi Power Station | Active Noise Cancellation Power Source-Bloom Audio
iFi Power Station | Active Noise Cancellation Power Source-Bloom Audio
iFi Power Station | Active Noise Cancellation Power Source-Bloom Audio

iFi Power Station | Active Noise Cancellation Power Source

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From iFi

Our audiophile extension block brings super quiet mains power to your system. Whatever your set-up, digital, analogue or both, the PowerStation will ensure your system receives super quiet mains.

Ready, steady, go.

The PowerStation uses iFi’s Active Noise Cancelation II to ACTIVELY eliminates noise across the frequency range, even across the lower frequencies. Each outlet has added passive filters to also eradicate noise from the very highest frequencies.

Nothing left to chance…

Each outlet is independently isolated in its own chamber to prevent cross-contamination, with the addition of vibration-damping EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). We use PurCopper – a form of 99.9999 per cent pure OFHC (oxygen-free high-conductivity) continuous-cast copper – for its superior conductivity.

Gives you the earth…

The PowerStation has inbuilt earth/ground and polarity detection.

No earth/ground can lead to annoying buzzes and hums – the scourge of audio.

We’ve added a 4mm banana socket to the PowerStation so a grounding cable can be used to create a ground/earth when one isn’t present.

Bingo, the sound is gone.

…but keeps you grounded

And the PowerStation is smart. The supplementary ground/earth connection will NOT introduce a ground loop EVEN if the system is already earthed.

More than one earth would also create a ground loop leading to more buzzing and humming and we don’t want that.

Fiercely protective

Polarity detection is vital if you don’t want to hamper the quality of your audio mains. With the PowerStation, this is built-in.

And never fear, max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS surge protection is also here. If it detects a power surge or a mains short, the PowerStation will shut down, protecting your downstream equipment from peril.

Noise reduction: > 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protection: max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS
Operating Voltage: 90V – 265V
Size: ø 478mm (l) x 96mm (w) x 76mm (h)
ø 18.8′ (l) x 3.8′ (w) x 2.9′ (h)
Weight: 1.98 (kg) / 4.37 (lbs)
Warranty period: 12 months

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lowered noise floor and has enough space between sockets for large plugs

Large, "audiophile" plugs can pose a major issue for lesser power strips. Not here. And the separate iFi AC purifiers fit in these sockets between large plugs perfectly as well. I was able to consolidate to one power strip thanks to the wider spacing between outlets. My only complaint, and the reason for dropping 1 star, is the orientation of the sockets. They're vertical and thus all plugs are in line with each other. Wall warts will cover at least the next outlet in line if not used in the very last socket. If these sockets were rotated 90 degrees so wall warts would plug in perpendicular to the strip, it would be perfect. Aside from that, I am very happy with the device and its noise canceling abilities.

Simply it works!

This product works if you use it correctly. You have to make sure to plug your DAC and AMP and your source directly into your iFi Powerstation. What is your source? ADSL or cable internet router and your computer power. You also have to make sure the wires are separated from one another so wire management is very important. There is electrical noise and jidder happens anytime you, or people in your house or even your neighbors start to use a high voltage item such as vacuum, anything in the kitchen tv or computer in the next room. Depending on how the wires are done in your apartment or house you will have noise that will eventually make it to your DAC and gets amplified by your AMP and from there to your headphone. And to make matters worse the better resolution or high-end headphones you have the more eminent you will hear the jidder or the added noise. Most of these sounds will have what's called dust affect the details, space, and separation of your headphone will be affected by. The iFi Powerstation reduces any noise that could come from electricity for more open and clear sound. Those who use a computer as their source via USB will have USB ground issues. You must use iFi Defender + with iFi 5V adapter to supply a ground loop to your USB for a darker background experience. And if you want to take it even further add the iFi purifier to Reclocks, REbalace, and Regenerate your digital music packets that go from your computer to your DAC. Happy listening.

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