iFi iCAN Phantom 3 quarter front over white background
iFi iCAN Phantom front over white background
iFi iCAN Phantom 3 quarter top over white background
iFi iCAN Phantom top over white background
iFi iCAN Phantom 3 quarter front left closeup
iFi iCAN Phantom 3 quarter front right closeup
iFi iCAN Phantom rear over white background
iFi iCAN Phantom rear over black background with power cable
iFi iCAN Phantom 3 quarter top rear over white background
iFi iCAN Phantom 3 quarter rear right closeup

iFi iCAN Phantom | Hybrid Tube Conventional and Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

Sale price$3,749.00


iFi iCAN Phantom logo

iFi iCAN Phantom Offers Powerful, Transparent Amplification for Conventional and Electrostatic Headphones

  • Incredible, versatile hybrid tube power
  • Uses iFi iESL technology to power EST headphones as well as conventional types
  • Reference class, transparent amp design with flexible inputs and outputs
  • Recommended for those seeking an all-in-one solution to drive their entire fleet of headphones and IEMs

iFi iCAN Phantom front 3 quarter with connected Meze Audio cable and headphones on wood table

Bloom's Take

The iCAN Phantom is a reference-class analog headphone amp that combines 2 of iFi Audio’s greatest hits into one of the most versatile headphone amps out there. It’s half iFi Pro iCAN Signature, iFi’s flagship hybrid-tube amp, and half iESL electrostatic energizer. Visually, the combo is pretty obvious as well, resembling 2 stacked devices rather than a single unit. The translucent window on top is a bonus, allowing you to glance under the hood at those warm, glowing tubes for a cool visual pop.

Basic setup is simple: connect your source, plug in your headphones, and turn it up! Beyond that, it can get complex once you move into custom tuning or the electrostatic-side of things. However, if you’re not afraid to dive in, Phantom is powerful with very little it can’t handle, easily managing tough-to-drive cans along with even sensitive IEMs thanks to IEMatch (the only caveat being that electrostatic headroom isn’t quite as good as that for conventional.)

Phantom’s sound signature tends to be slightly warm with Tube+ mode going all-in with a sweet, musical tonality that pairs well with brighter headphones like HiFiMAN’s Arya Organic, and adding weight and thickness to electrostats.

iCAN Phantom is feature-rich and can even moonlight as a preamp (feed your power amp and passive/active speakers.) While not a great fit for those simply hunting for a TOTL conventional headphone amp only, it’s a perfect match for those seeking a single solution to drive a complete headphone collection from IEMs to Electrostats. For under $5k, it’s probably the best on the street.

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A Tale of Two Input Stages

The iCAN Phantom sports two input stages: one valve/tube-based, the other solid state with real-time switching between the two. Solid-state offers pace and immediacy. Tube-mode adds fluidity and dynamic quality. Tube+ accentuates the sonic influence of the valves, delivering a spellbinding, romantic warmth suiting both acoustic and vocal musical styles.

iFi iCAN Phantom top revealing active glowing tubes

The GE5670 valves (compatible with 6922 valves) have an expected lifespan of about 10,000 hours of use. When it's time to replace them, the Phantom’s smoked glass panel is easily removed to provide easy access for a swap that can be done in minutes.

Electrostatically Good!

At the high-end of the headphone scene there is a less-common but fabulous sounding driver type: electrostatic.

Electrostatic drivers need a separate energizer. The iCAN Phantom incorporates the original standalone iESL energizer technology with regular amp technology to make a single amp that can handle every headphone type with confidence.

iFi iCAN Phantom front with connected Dan Clark Corina electrostatic headphones on wood table

iFi Nexus: Network Connected Control

The iCAN Phantom incorporates iFi Nexus, a module that combines with an app to provide a comprehensive, network-attached control system. The Nexus app enables your mobile device to act as a super remote for the iCAN Phantom, providing access to features not accessible via the amp’s dash or standard remote.

The app can display diagnostic information and allow real-time monitoring of the iCAN Phantom’s operational condition (EG. voltage, condition, tube life span, etc.) It can also be used to apply over-the-air firmware updating via your home Wi-Fi network.

iFi iCAN Phantom front and rear connection diagram


Source Inputs

  • (x1) BAL XLR (L/R)
  • (x3) RCA (L/R)

Headphone Outputs

  • (x1) 3-pin BAL XLR (L/R), (x1) 4-pin BAL XLR
  • (x1) 4.4mm BAL, (x1) 6.3mm (positive phase)
  • (x1) 6.3mm (inverted phase)
  • (x1) 3.5mm (includes S-Balanced, cuts distortion 50%)

Electrostatic Headphone Outputs

  • (x1) 5-pin normal bias
  • (x1) 5-pin custom bias

Preamp Outputs

  • (x1) BAL XLR (L/R)
  • (x1) RCA (L/R)


  • Gain: 0dB, 9dB and 18dB selectable
  • Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 500kHz(-3dB)
  • THD+N: Solid-state / Tube / Tube +
    • BAL: ≤0.0015% / ≤0.002% / ≤0.012%
    • UnBAL: ≤0.007% / ≤0.006% / ≤0.2%
  • SNR: BAL: >145dB(A) | UnBAL: > 130dB(A)
  • Output Power, BAL: >15000mW @ 16Ω | UnBAL: >5760mW @ 16Ω
  • Output Voltage, BAL: >27.0V @ 600Ω | UnBAL: >14.0V @ 600Ω
  • ESL Output Voltage, Pro: 640V RMS max | Normal: 320V RMS max
  • Input Voltage
    • Phantom: DC 12V/4A or 15V/3A
    • iPower Elite: AC 85 – 265V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: < 27W idle, 75W max
  • Dimensions: 10.1" x 7.3" x 4.7"
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs

In the Box

iFi iCAN Phantom and all accessories

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