iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer-Bloom Audio
iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer-Bloom Audio
iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer-Bloom Audio
iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer-Bloom Audio
iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer-Bloom Audio
iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer-Bloom Audio

iFi GND Defender | Noise Reducer

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Ground control to Major components.

The optimum configuration for each system is one Ground/Earth for the whole system. If a system has multiple Grounds/Earths, then it often creates unwanted ground loops. These systems will then have an annoying low-frequency hum (emitted from the speakers).

Current solutions either jeopardise (i) both safety and EMI shielding (e.g. cheater plug), or (ii) EMI shielding. And most are single country (US) uses only.

The GND Defender in the correct way, intelligently detects a ground loop and will cut the ground for that component.

AI ground detection.

With a GND Defender at the IEC power input, it will intelligently detect and remove the ground loop at the component.

  • Behind this, the GND Defender:
  • Intelligently breaks DC ground loops to eliminate ground loop hum
  • EMI shielding is retained
  • Equipment Safety is unaffected (not a ground lift – so maintains equipment safety ground)

If multiple ground loops exist, more than one GND Defender may be required. The GND Defender is smarter than the average ground lift. By a long way.

Battleship build.

The GND Defender is not only at the cutting-edge in terms of technology but also safety:

  • High-performance glass passivated semiconductor
  • High Case Dielectric Strength of 1500VRMS UL Listed
  • X7R Capacitor
  • High-temperature stability
  • Flame resistant IEC socket/connector/chassis
  • Fireproof polymers UL94-V0

Remember that best practice is to always keep at least one direct power cable connection.

  • Surge overload rating of 220A. With a maximum rating >10A, continuous current rating 7A, it handles all voltages around the world from 90-240V.
  • Intelligently block DC voltages from the mains to eliminate transformer hum. Equipment safety is unaffected.
  • EMI shielding is retained.


AI Ground Detection Each unit will automatically disconnect the ground on that device
Ground Safe Auto reinstatement of ground connection to pass current if a fault is detected
Voltage rating 90 – 240 volts
Surge overload rating 220A
Continuous current rating 10A (1100W – 2400W)
Universal IEC Hospital-grade IEC connectors
Dimensions 68 x 37 x 32 mm / 2.7” x 1.5” x 1.3”
Weight 61g / 2.2oz


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephen Ledbetter
It actually works!

Had a slight hum introduced into my system when I replaced solid state phono pre with all-tube unit. Not a huge believer in expensive power conditioners/regenerators, so I tried a few different power outlet combinations, with some success. But most significant improvement came from the iFi ground defender. My all-tube system, with efficient horn speakers, is now very quiet. Highly recommended.

Alex Romanov
Successfully eliminated ground loop

This device successfully eliminated ground loop noise emanating from my PC! I was experiencing electrical noise coming through my studio monitors and this device attenuated all of the unwanted sound. I am currently using a desktop PC featuring an ASUS motherboard, and an external audio interface (UAD Apollo Twin X) with Yamaha HS8 speakers. For more information on whether this device meets your needs, please refer to this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e0qE47pqqw

John Brown
Does not work as advertised

Perhaps it may work for others. But it did not work for me. Additionally, it messed with my PC power scheme, such that my PC would not shut off, when attempting to do so.

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