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iFi DC Blocker+ | Noise Reducer

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Enhance the Quality of AC Electricity and Eradicate Mechanical Hum in Your Audio and AV Systems with iFi's DC Blocker+

  • Intelligently blocks >1,000mV DC to eliminate transformer hum
  • Safely retains EMI shielding
  • Does not affect the safety of the equipment
  • Can be used around the globe

iFi DC Blocker+ with connected C15 cable attached to power input of amplifier

Sayonara Mechanical Hum

Mains electricity, crucial to your audio systems, can often be disrupted by various interferences, distorting the AC waveform and reducing audio quality. "DC on the mains" is a common problem, particularly with amplifiers.

Although household outlets are intended to deliver pure AC power, a range of your home appliances—from lighting controls to home appliances power supplies—create ‘asymmetrical loads’, resulting in DC voltage on the AC supply.

When a small amount of DC voltage from the mains reaches the transformer, it can cause ‘saturation’, leading the transformer to produce a significant and persistent humming sound. You can hear it when you bring your ear close to or next to the chassis.

The DC Blocker+ is a smart device that, when you place it at the IEC (the rear power inlet), it prevents DC from getting into the amplifier, thus eliminating transformer hum.

Plus. Protect

Enjoy music without the annoyance of unwanted hum.

  • Intelligently blocks over 1,000mV DC to eliminate transformer hum
  • EMI shielding is retained
  • Equipment safety is unaffected

Plus for Higher Power Equipment

Typically, the bigger the amplifier, the larger the toroidal transformer which is often sensitive to residual DC voltage. Simply add the DC Blocker+ at the IEC to stop DC from getting in.

  • Globally compatible (90-250V)
  • Designed for high-power equipment (continuous current rating: 10A)
  • Compact design ensures it doesn’t obstruct other connectors, sockets, or cables

iFi DC Blocker+ with attached iFi SupaNova cable next to wooden headphone stand


  • ZERO DC Block technology: Blocks incoming DC up to 1,200mV
  • Voltage rating: 90 – 250 volts
  • Maximum current rating: ≤14A
  • Max amplifier power​: 2200W or VA on 220V~​ | 1100W or VA on 110V~​
  • Continuous current rating​: 10A
  • Universal IEC: Hospital-grade IEC connectors
  • Dimensions: 3” x 1.8” x 1.3”
  • Weight: 2.8 oz

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Customer Reviews

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Gerald Lewis
iFi DC Blocker +

Only product that completely eliminated both the mechanical hum in amplifier and speakers. Does exactly what it says it will.

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