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iBasso DX320MAX Ti | Flagship Digital Audio Player

Sale price$3,499.00


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DX320MAX Ti, iBasso's 3rd MAX in the Series, is an Android 11 DAP Goliath with a Super Class A 8.4V Amp

  • Limited to 888 units worldwide, individually numbered units
  • Features iBasso's in-house developed stepped attenuator for delicate IEM listening at realistically lower volume
  • Class A amplification with 8.4 Volts
  • 5.0" IPS screen (1080x1920), with On-Cell capacitive touch panel
  • Quad (x4) BD34301EKV ROHM DAC Chips
  • The highest level of build and component quality

iBasso DX320MAX Ti on wood stool with Focal headphones from Bloom Audio gallery

Bloom's Take

With the DX320Max Ti, iBasso provides another opportunity to get your hands on a powerful, cutting-edge, limited edition DAP that features next-level build quality along with a glimpse into the next generation of technology and design.

The 320MAX is a girthy, premium-feeling metal box with a vintage aesthetic and perhaps the most visually appealing knobs and controls you’ve ever seen on a DAP. This thing screams expensive and quality, no question. While it’s technically “portable,” this isn’t going to be a DAP you’ll slide into your pocket and start jogging with – this is more of a portable desktop player that you could fit into a sweatshirt pocket. With that extra size comes excellent dual-battery design and power mgmt. And it features a unique 24-step attenuator for volume control that provides a higher level of purity in the signal. Soundwise, the DX320MAX runs shoulder-to-shoulder with the big boys of flagship portable audio with some disadvantages from an ergonomics perspective, but landing in the winner’s circle for sound and performance.

If you’ve heard the folklore of iBasso’s powerful limited edition players and always wanted to experience one for yourself, now’s your chance… but if you are the 889th person to want one, you’ll be too late.

Check out our full review here.

iBasso's Latest Behemoth

The digital and analog sections of the DX320MAX are powered separately, with each having an independent charging system. The digital and analog hardware and signal communications, adopt optocouplers and I2C isolators to completely isolate the digital to analog sections from any interference.

The AMP section is powered by a true +/- 8.4V battery pack. No voltage boost is used, which ensures the highest purity and current output. An optimized super class A discrete amp circuit, which eliminates the switching distortion of transistors, while providing the sound signature of a class A amplifier, that also significantly reduces heat generation, is used.

iBasso DX320MAX Ti vertically leaning against rock wall from Bloom Audio gallery

A custom analog 4-wiper stepped attenuator that has less than +/-0.1dB channel tolerance imbalance, has been selected. 4 settings for the physical gain control. 5.0" IPS screen (1080x1920), with On Cell capacitive touch panel. Quad BD34301EKV ROHM DAC Chips are incorporated.


  • 14nm Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC
  • 6GB LPDDR4X + 128GB ROM
  • FPGA-Master, a dedicated control of the audio system
  • (x4) ROHM BD34301EKV DACs
  • (x2) Accusilicon ultra-low phase noise Femtosecond oscillators
  • Support of QC3.0 and PD3.0 quick charge for the digital section
  • Support of SDXC and SDHC Micro SD cards up to and including 2TB
  • Android 11 + Mango OS


  • Bit for Bit playback with support up to 32bit/768kHz
  • Support of Native DSD up to and including 512x
  • USB digital output that outputs up to PCM 32bit/384kHz, Native DSD256, and DoP DSD128
  • Audio Formats Supported: MQA, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG, MP3, DFF, DSF, and DXD


  • 3.5mm single ended up to 4.5V RMS
  • 4.4mm balanced output is up to 9V RMS
  • Mini coaxial output that supports up to 24bit/384kHz and DoP DSD128
  • Support for 2.4G & 5G WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0


  • Support USB3.1 Superspeed transfer
  • USB DAC function that supports up to 32bit/384kHz and DoP DSD128
  • 17 hours play time in normal mode and 13 hours in the Ultimate mode

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Customer Reviews

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Bobby Godbey
iBasso DX320MAX Ti

This player has the best sound stage I have ever heard. The bass response is detailed and quick. I am using this player with my Focal Utopia's.

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