iBasso DC07Pro silver and black dongles bird's eye whitebox
iBasso DC07Pro black dongles front and rear bird's eye whitebox
iBasso DC07Pro silver dongles front and rear bird's eye whitebox
iBasso DC07Pro black and silver dongles on wood table with wood plate
iBasso DC07Pro black and silver dongles over reflective gray background
iBasso DC07Pro silver dongle with attached stock cable connected to red iPhone
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iBasso DC07Pro | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp

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iBasso DC07 Pro is the Ideal Ultra-Portable DAC Dongle With Top-Notch Power

  • Features QUAD (x4) Cirrus Logic CS43131 flagship DAC chips for high resolution audio
  • High output power (430mW @32Ω) with low power consumption (as low as 80mA)
  • 0.96" OLED screen with multi-function knob (supports iBasso UAC Android APK app for smartphone control)
  • Supports DSD512 + PCM 32bit/768kHz playback
  • CNC machined Aluminum shell and tempered glass back cover
  • Balanced 4.4mm and single-ended 3.5mm outputs

iBasso DC07Pro dongle on top of blue retail box

A Masterpiece Dongle

The DC07Pro is a dongle that combines iBasso's extensive experience in dongle development and design elements from their audio players. It utilizes advanced technologies to create a dongle with exceptionally low THD+N at 0.000098%. Indeed, the DC07Pro has made significant advancements in its metrics, including dynamic range and output power.

iBasso DC07Pro poster highlighting all features

FPGA: DC07Pro’s System Controller

The DC07Pro utilizes iBasso's in-house develop FPGA technology, which integrates the audio algorithms and constructs the system controller of the dongle. As the core of the DC07Pro, the FPGA plays the role of signal regeneration and clock synchronization. The FPGA also generates ultra-low jitter clocks for the DAC and USB receiver, effectively reducing the clock jitter caused by the USB bus.

(x4) CS43131, Flagship DAC Array

The DC07Pro utilizes x4 pieces Cirrus Logic flagship CS43131 DAC chips in combination with iBasso's exclusive FPGA technology. The results are a comprehensive leap in audio measurements. The AP measured THD+N is a remarkable -120.2dB! Utilizing the exclusive FPGA, the DC07Pro supports DSD512 and PCM 32bit/768kHz thanks to the CS43131×4 DAC array.

Impressive Power Efficiency

DC07Pro utilizes a synchronous DC-DC converter with a power conversion efficiency of up to 94%. The power consumption of the DC07Pro is as low as 80mA, 40% lower than that of DC04Pro, and the output power is increased by 82%! The DAC power supply adopts an ultra-low noise LDO dedicated for analog circuits, with a PSRR (power supply rejection ratio) of up to 100dB to ensure the purity of the power supply.

iBasso DC07Pro dongle highlighting OLED with attached premium silver cable over vinyl Beatles record

OLED + Convenient & Intuitive Operation

The DC07Pro has a 0.96" OLED screen and is equipped with an ALPS encoder. One can browse and complete all settings using the multi-function knob. Simply rotate and press the multi-function knob to complete volume adjustments, digital filter settings, etc. The DC07Pro also supports the iBasso UAC Android APK app, which allows you to control all settings with your Android device!

An Attractive DAP-like Design

The shell of the DC07Pro is CNC machined Aluminum, the top is the OLED screen, and the back cover is tempered glass. Additionally, a knob has been strategically positioned on the side. The style and precision exude a sense of luxury and sophistication, reminiscent of high-end DAPs.

iBasso DC07Pro x4 thumbnails highlighting premium knob, output connectors and OLED screen

32bit/768kHz SPDIF Output

The DC07Pro supports SPDIF output up to 32bit/768kHz. With the DC07Pro, your smartphone also can now be a top-tier SPDIF transport device!



  • DAC Chipset: Quad Cirrus Logic CS43131
  • PCM: Up to 32bit/768kHz
  • DSD: Native DSD up to 512x
  • Size: 2.32" x 0.93" x .49"
  • Weight: 23g

4.4mm Balanced Output

  • Output Power
    • 510mW+510mW @16Ω, THD+N <0.1%
    • 430mW+430mW @32Ω, THD+N <0.1%
  • Output Voltage
    • 2.8Vrms (low gain)
    • 3.5Vrms (mid gain)
    • 4Vrms (high gain)
  • THD+N: -120.2dB (0.000098%) @1kHz 300Ω load
  • SNR + Dynamic Range: 134 dBA
  • Crosstalk: 142dB
  • Noise Floor: 0.85μV
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-80kHz -0.5dB

3.5mm Single-ended Output

  • Output Power
    • 210mW+210mW @16Ω, THD+N <0.1%
    • 118mW+118mW @32Ω, THD+N <0.1%
  • Output Voltage
    • 1.4Vrms (low gain)
    • 1.73Vrms (mid gain)
    • 2Vrms (high gain)
  • THD+N: -116dB (0.00017%) @1kHz 300Ω load
  • SNR + Dynamic Range: 129 dBA
  • Crosstalk: 136dB
  • Noise Floor: 0.76μV
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-75kHz -0.5dB

In the Box

  • DC07Pro DAC
  • USB-C to C cable
  • USB-C to Lightning cable
  • USB-C to A converter
  • User manual + warranty card

iBasso DC07Pro dongle on wood table with all included accessories

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