iBasso DC06 | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp-Bloom Audio
iBasso DC06 | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp-Bloom Audio
iBasso DC06 | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp-Bloom Audio
iBasso DC06 | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp-Bloom Audio
iBasso DC06 | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp-Bloom Audio

iBasso DC06 | Hi-Res Balanced Portable DAC and Amp

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Continuation of the Dual DAC Architecture Utilizing All the Potential of the Dual ES9219C

All of the improvement in measurements of the DC06 comes from iBasso's extensive investment in R&D and higher grade components. Sound quality and performance are the highest priority, and even though the DC06 is a price-friendly product, iBasso has not compromised. They have adopted the dual DAC architecture to achieve a higher output power and lower noise floor.

The ES9219C is a new generation of DAC manufactured by ESS which has an excellent ratio of power consumption to excellent sound performance. The combination of dual ES9219C architecture, design topology and high quality components culminates with the outstanding performance of the DC06.

iBasso DC06

A Turbo Boost AMP Section Utilizes A Dedicated Power Supply Synchronous DC-DC Converter, Low Noise Charge Pump,  & LDO

The DC06 utilizes synchronous DC-DC converter, low noise charge pump, and LDO to build an independent power supply for the AMP section. This allows the AMP section to work to its full potential, significantly boosting the output power.

 DC06 vs Single ES9219C Products
 Single ES9219C DC06 (Dual ES9219C)
S/N: 119dB S/N: 123dB
DNR: 119dB DNR: 123dB
Output Power: 80mW@32ohm Output Power: 320mW@32ohm (balanced)

NDK Femtosecond Oscillator

The DC06 is equipped with an NDK femtosecond oscillator, which we have pioneered in dongles. The NDK femtosecond oscillator can effectively reduce phase noise and provide a more accurate clock reference for the DAC.

iBasso DC06

Detachable Cable 3.5mm Single-Ended Output & 4.4mm Balanced Output Meets a Wide Range of Usage Scenarios

The DC06 has a detachable cable design. It is now possible to change the terminal between USB-C and Lightning. It also has both 3.5mm single-ended output and 4.4mm balanced output for more flexibility.

Furthermore, the DC06 adopts a standard UAC2.0 USB receiver. It is compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets, and it is plug-and-play friendly on Mac, Win10 and Win11 computers. For Win7 and Win8 systems, please download the driver from iBasso.com. Once properly installed, it can be used as a USB sound card.

Music, Movie, or Gaming The Presentation Couple with the Source is Impeccable

The DC06 can be used with smartphones and computers. Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you will have a full sense of immersion and enjoy the endless fun brought by excellent sound.

With a Dedicated App, the DC06 Achieves 64-step Hardware Volume

Windows 10 and Android 5.0 and above support the UAC2.0 protocol be default. However, for compatibility reasons, Android Smartphone manufacturers still use SRC on audio output. When DC06 is connected, the maximum volume is achieved by default, the software algorithm can reduce the volume, but cannot reduce the noise floor. Therefore, iBasso developed a UAC2.0 volume controller App to achieve 64-step hardware volume control, effectively reducing the noise floor while achieving superior audio performance.

iBasso DC06


DAC Chipset Dual ES9219C Quad DAC+
PCM Up to 32bit/384kHz
DSD Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Weight 23g

4.4mm Balanced

THD+N 0.00035% (600ohm load), 0.0005% (32ohm load)
Output Voltage 3.2Vrms (32ohm load), 4Vrms (300ohm load)
S/N 123dBA
Dynamic Range 123dBA
Frequency Response 20Hz-40kHz -0.5dB
Output Impedance <0.5ohm


3.5mm Single-Ended

THD+N 0.00056% (600ohm load), 0.0007% (32ohm load)
Output Voltage 2Vrms (32ohm load)
S/N 120dBA
Dynamic Range 120dBA
Frequency Response 20Hz-40kHz -0.5dB
Output Impedance <0.3ohm


In the Box

  • DC06
  • USB-C cable,
  • USB-C to USB-A Converter
  • User Manual

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