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HiFiMAN Goldenwave SERENADE | Desktop Streaming DAC / Amp

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SERENADE is a Compact, Powerhouse Class A Amp with HiFiMAN’s Proprietary Hymalaya Pro Ladder DAC

  • Features the legendary FET operational amp with discrete component LPF analog circuit
  • Hymalaya Pro Ladder DAC is an update of the original Gen 1 Hymalaya released in 2021
  • Perfect for personal audio and music fans who demand both maximum flexibility and performance
  • Features 4.4mm Balanced, XLR 4-pin Balanced, and SE 6.3mm headphone outputs
  • Acts as a streaming bridge for NAS file playback or stream music directly from your favorite app

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Hymalaya Pro, Equivalent to (x2) PCM1704K Balanced Connections
HiFiMAN’S Hymalaya Pro R2R DAC with the added support of a new FPGA algorithm and 0.01% precision resistors, provides performance that surpasses the PCM1704 in every way, reaching a THD rate of 0.0012% at -6 dB.

The Hymalaya architecture removes the switches while maintaining a similar or improved level of Total Harmonic Distortion as the PCM1704K DAC chip, with greater power handling, greater overall efficiency, and improved sonic performance.

Legendary Amp
SERENADE features the legendary FET operational amplifier, with a discrete component LPF analog circuit that translates into detailed sound with high-precision, low-noise test indicators.

The bold design of the entire signal path eliminates coupling capacitors, removing nonlinear distortion caused by electrolytic capacitors, leaving only pure, full range sonic output.

Class A Headphone Amp Circuitry
The SERENADE amp circuit is based on a Class A design, supplemented by a precisely matched, fully discrete transistor amplifier circuit, so that the amp circuit inherits the noble tone of the Prelude Amp, for less than $3,000.

Transformer: the Foundation of Full-range Sound
The 50w toroidal transformer, surrounded by oxygen-free copper wire, is comprised of high-quality full-band iron core, combined with a large pond filter capacitor of nearly 30,000 microfarads and a multi-stage, multi-channel, low-noise, high-speed voltage regulator circuit, providing a pure and fast power supply.

Traditional + Streaming Playback Options

  • Bridge to play files stored on a local NAS
  • Streaming music from your favorite apps
  • Traditional DAC & headphone amplifier mode

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  • Dimensions: 11.8" x 2" x 10"
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Outputs
    • 4.4mm Balanced
    • XLR 4-pin Balanced
    • 6.3mm SE
    • L/R XLR 3-pin Balanced (Rear)
    • L/R RCA SE (Rear)
  • Inputs
    • L/R RCA Analog
    • Digital COAX, TOS Optical (PCM 32bit/192K, DSD DoP64)
    • USB-B (PCM 32bit/384K, DSD64-DSD256)
    • LAN Ethernet (PCM 44.1-PCM 768, DSD64-DSD512)
  • Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
  • Channel Separation: -120dB, 0dBFS @1KHz
  • THD+N: 0.0015%, -3dBFS @1KHz
  • SNR: -110dB, 0dBFS @1KHz
  • DAC Output Level: 4.5V/XLR, 2.2V/RCA, 0dBFS @1KHz
  • Headphone Amp Power Output: (THD+N <0.07% @1KHz) BAL 4000mW @32Ω, 760mW @300Ω | SE 2800mW @32Ω, 510mW @300Ω
  • HiFiMAN SERENADE User Manual
  • HiFiMAN 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • Serenade DAC/Amp
  • Power Cable
  • USB-B Cable

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